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Casa de Campo’s cyber-tree!

casa de campo

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casa de campoWhilst this may not be the most thrilling or exciting piece of Casa de Campo news (especially as it’s not exactly news), we did find “spotting” this incredible tree rather amusing.

casa de campo

So as I am sure you can tell from the photo, the “tree” is not in fact a tree, but is actually a tall pole (a telecom aerial to be exact), which was, as soon as it was erected promptly converted into a giant plastic tree – so that (we presume) Casa de Campo may maintain it’s beautiful aesthetic! It’s pretty impressive the lengths Casa de Campo and Costasur go to to keep the resort looking nice for us.

The creation of this fake tree took only a few days and now blends in so well with it’s surroundings that it’s likely you’ve not even noticed it!

But in case you are intrigued and want to go take a look – it’s near to the Casa de Campo fire station. Happy tree spotting!

GONE! The telecom aerial is now completely disguised as a tree!
casa de campo

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