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Casa de Campo – softball champions!

Casa de Campo softball

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Casa de Campo softballThe Casa de Campo softball team, last year won first place in the C category of the “Gran Copa Navideña”,  an annual softball tournament played in Buena Vista, La Romana between the different departments of the Central Romana Corporation.

The 2013 edition of the tournament was inaugurated recently – during which Casa de Campo was presented with their trophy as champions for 2012 tournament. The perfect way to start this year’s event! During the inaguration, Daniel Hernandez, manager of the Casa de Campo Hotel and Sarah Pelegrin from Public Relations took part in the prize-giving, posed for photographs with the players, and even took their turn at batting, pitching and catching.

Daniel Hernandez giving catching a try
Casa de Campo softball

Casa de Campo softballThe first 2 games of the “Gran Copa Navideña 2013” have already taken place on the 13th and the 15th of October, and tonight, Tuesday the 22nd of October the tournament continues at 7pm with team Casa de Campo competing against Los Cañeros.

The other Central Romana departments taking part in this year’s tournament are Fabricación, Administración and Escuela de Tráfico. Good luck to you all, we look forward to finding out who wins this year!

Just like the Dominican Baseball League, the softball games of the “Gran Copa Navideña 2013” will continue through December – please see the schedule of games below.

Casa de Campo’s game schedule

Oct.13   Sunday    2pm       Fabricación      vs.     Casa de Campo
Oct.15   Tuesday    7pm       Fabricación      vs.     Casa de Campo
Oct.22   Tuesday    7pm       Los Cañeros      vs.     Casa de Campo
Nov.9   Monday    7pm       Casa de Campo      vs.     Administración
Nov.14  Thursday    7pm       Casa de Campo      vs.     Esc. de Tráfico
Dic.2   Sunday    7pm       Casa de Campo      vs.     Los Cañeros
Dic.11   Monday    7pm       Administración      vs.     Casa de Campo
Dic.16    Weds.    7pm       Esc. de Tráfico      vs.     Casa de Campo
Dic.24   Monday    7pm       Casa de Campo      vs.     Fabricación

Casa de Campo’s victory 2012

Casa de Campo softball

Competing against Casa de Campo in the 2012 event were Central Romana departments; Contraloria, Furfural, Pro-Maco, Fabricación, Centro Médico, Guardianes.

After 2 months of fierce competition between the departments… Casa de Campo made it to the final!

In the final, Casa de Campo played a 5-4 game, with winning pitcher Tomas Rosario. Some of the outstanding players were Wandy Rodriguez with 2 singles and 1 run scored, Malfre Ramirez with 1 triplet and 1 RBI (run base impulse), Reynaldo Vargas with 1 single and 1 RBI and finally the MVP (Most Valuable Player) Radhames Ramos with 2 singles, 1 run scored and 2 RBI.

The following collection of photos were taken during the inauguration of the “Gran Copa Navideña 2013”, which included the prize-giving for Casa de Campo: 

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