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nathalie and stephanNatalie and Stephen celebrated their love for each other with a beautiful Casa de Campo wedding filled with white roses in the St. Stanislaus church in Altos de Chavón.  For the happy couple this meant the start of a life together building memories with their new extended family, while for Casa de Campo it was an honor to be chosen as the setting for such a beautiful beginning. i-kDjS5xv-LThe Castillo and the Fasano family rejoiced alongside their friends, when Natalie and Stephen tied the knot with a beautiful and sentimental Casa de Campo wedding, filled with smiles, hugs and kisses that lasted for the entire celebration. The St. Stanislaus church in Altos de Chavón is for them a place where their love will continue to grow every time they visit and continue to build Casa de Campo memories they will cherish forever. The Casa de Campo ballroom was full of beautiful white roses, and who would be better at describing this memorable day than Natalie Castillo, our gorgeous bride? @cdcliving: How did organizing your wedding feel? It was exciting, I had a lot of help from Betty Medina at Casa de Campo who helped me coordinate the major details. I was very thankful for her assistance as it made the process a lot smoother and easier to manage. I also had tremendous help from my Mom and Matron of Honor. We were a team and without them it would have been difficult to make our dream wedding come true! @cdcliving: Which was the most exciting moment of your wedding? The most exciting moment of our wedding was the look on my husband’s face when he saw me in my wedding dress and me seeing him in his suit for the very first time. After a long year and a half of planning the wedding, it finally felt real! @cdcliving: When did you decide to get married at Altos de Chavón? Since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of getting married in Casa de Campo, just like my Matron of Honor did 20 years earlier. i-vJQWTgP-L@cdcliving: What did getting married in Altos de Chavón mean to you? It meant continuing to build memories for my family and new family to come. I used to visit Casa de Campo when I was a little girl with my parents. I want to keep that tradition now that I have a family of my own. @cdcliving: Who officiated the wedding ceremony? Padre Victor Garcia. @cdcliving: If you could have done anything differently, what would that be? Nothing, it was absolutely perfect! @cdcliving: Where did your wedding reception take place? Casa de Campo Ballroom @cdcliving: Tell us about your dress. My dress was a beautiful design by the New York designer Stephen Yearick. I wanted something form fitting, with lots of sparkle and elegance. @cdcliving: What was the theme of your wedding reception? Elegance and romance, with soft candlelight and beautiful flower arrangements. @cdcliving: Which flower did you choose for your wedding and why? White Rose, it is my favorite flower- pure and elegant. @cdcliving: What was the most special moment? Kissing my husband for the first time 🙂 wedding @cdcliving: How many guests attended? From where did your guests come from? There were 115 guests. My guests came from all over the world, but primarily from the United States. The following photos were taken during Natalie and Stephan’s wedding and reception, by Huellas del Caribe: 

Natalie & Stephen’s Casa de Campo Wedding

nathalie's wedding Wedding planning: Betty Medina, Casa de Campo Decor & Decorations: Eventos y Catering Photography: Huellas del Caribe Dress: The dress was designed by Stephen Yearick. Locations: 
  • Wedding ceremony – St. Stanislaus church, Altos de Chavón
  • Reception – Casa de Campo ballroom, Casa de Campo