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Villa of the Month: Costa Verde 4 is all about Summer Lovin’

Villa Mar y Palma

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Musing of warm days by the pool, sipping mai tais and getting fabulously tan, this dreamy vacation getaway is just what we had in mind. Casa de Campo Villa of the Month goes to Costa Verde 4, better known as Villa Mar y Palma. Its immaculate grounds and elegant backyard pool seem to transport us straight to the Hamptons.

Villa Mar y Palma

With a breathtaking view of the cerulean sea whose rhythmic waves lie just beyond the cliffs of the Teeth of the Dog, it’s fair to say Villa Mar y Palma has one of the best views in Casa. The villa that sits in one of Casa’s most tranquil settings has a very country feel. White, wooden doors and vaulted ceilings compliment the cozy and homey interiors. A warm color palette of cream and yellow dare to outshine the sunny days outdoors, while bedrooms decorated in geometric patterns of navy and white mimic the tides. The villa’s five bedrooms, with three kings and four doubles in total, easily accommodate a number of guests.

With rooms that open directly onto the lawn, guests will have no problem rising early and making their way to the backyard with a book in hand to enjoy the breezy morning hours. Plus, the villa staff’s daily preparation of breakfast makes mornings worry-free and bartender services are provided throughout the day. How’s that for some summer lovin? So slink into your swimwear, grab a cocktail and let the cares fade away. There’s simply not a better place to appreciate the vibrant hues of summer, and pleasantly soak up the sun than at Costa Verde 4.

Villa Mar y Palma

For the summer season, the villa rents for $ 5,200 per night, plus taxes. For more information, or to make your stay in Villa Mar y Palma simply email [email protected] or call 1-800-336-5520 (within USA) or 809-200-1304 (in the Dominican Republic).

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