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Casa de Campo – The place to go to in the Caribbean!

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cdc_logoIts always exciting for us when Casa de Campo receives an award, accolade, press or even the occasional great review on someones private  blog or website.  As part of the Casa de Campo community and cheerleader of all things Casa (ok, most things Casa), its exciting for us to bask in the spotlight shining on the resort. 

In this particular case, Casa de Campo has received a pleasant surprise, on January 29 2009, when the Editors of Travel & Leisure magazine named Casa de Campo as “The place to go to in the Caribbean for shoulder season travel”, we where quite excited. Mind you this was LIVE on the air, right on the Today Show (NBC). Exciting stuff! Five million viewers exciting!

Before we go on to show you the video (yes we got a copy!), we would like to take a moment to congratulate all the fine folks at Casa de Campo who made this possible!  Everyone at Casa de Campo should take a moment and pat themselves on the back for doing such a great job – its being noticed!    

In the video, Casa de Campo is mentioned close the 1minute 30 second mark for the month of April.



So if you have friends that have not yet come down with their families, or with a group of friends, send them this link and tell them to start planning a little trip down.  There is nothing like renting a villa a few minutes from the beach…  in fact, I propose we all head straight to the beach, get a nice cold piña colada and raise a glass to the team that made this possible!


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