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Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving Day! The Casa de Campo Community Shares what they are thankful for!


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While there’s not just one day of the 365 days of the year where we should express our thankfulness, we are blessed to have a day designated to celebrating family and friends, gathered around a dinner table sharing precious time together. Casa de Campo Living reached out to a few members of our community to find out what they are thankful for this 2016!

So as you cut into the turkey this afternoon or evening, and join hands in prayer, remember life is exactly what you make of it, and the more grateful you are, the more open you are to seeing just how many things there are to be grateful for!


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I am thankful for the nature that surrounds me. For the sun that shines almost all year long and the warm days even during Winter. I am thankful for my family for always supporting me and for the health we’ve been blessed with.

– Martina Avanzini

I am thankful for being alive!!!! I am thankful for you and all in this wonderful community.

– Sarah Troncoso de Castro

This is a quote I believe in and am thankful for its meaning: “The best kind of people are the ones who come into your life and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in YOURSELF too. The people that love you simply for being you. The once-in-a-lifetime kind of people.”

– Mathew de Valle

Thanksgiving Day is an American celebration but the whole world should imitate it and give thanks to God for everything, and not just one day! Personally, I am so thankful to be alive, for my beautiful family and for living in such a wonderful and safe place as Casa de Campo.

– Yollmary Genao

Thankful for all the little and big moments in my life! For my family, friends and mostly for my wonderful daughter! I feel thankful every day…so blessed!

– Sandra Alvarado

I’m forever thankful for new experiences, great friends, laughter through the hard times, and remembering that everyday is a blessing and should be cherished.

– Heather Lincoln

I am very thankful that my mom is alive and she’s with me. She is my ROCK!!!

– Robert Garcia

I’m thankful for so much, especially for being, for the gift of life!!! I am thankful everyday because everyday I have a new chance of experiencing all with brand new eyes: for the sunrise that will never be the same again, for the birds that pass over me with a new tune, for the people around me that teach me amazing and new things…especially my kids; they’re my greatest teachers, soooo grateful for them. I’m grateful because I can see Love in all.

– Xioma Menéndez

I am thankful for my curiosity, for the innate capacity of seeing beauty in every fold of life, for the relentless conviction that things can and will change for the better, for the trust I have in the benign nature of the Universe.

– Marina Spadafora

From all of us here at Casa de Campo Living we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving Day and cheers to health, happiness, love and life!

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