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Taking aim at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center

Casa de Campo Shooting Center

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Casa de Campo Shooting CenterThe Shooting Center is something of a mystery to many Casa de Campo guests and residents alike – if golf is your passion, or you fill your days at the beach with the kids – why venture up to the Shooting Center? Well, having recently explored what is arguably the world’s best shooting facility, it is definitely worth a visit.

Hotel guests on the all-inclusive package now get 25 shots in the Skeet & Trap included or for non-guests at only US$38, the Skeet and Trap is an inexpensive and thrilling way to give shooting a try.

The Safari Club, the center’s equivalent to a pro-shop, welcomes you across a walkway flanked with ponds filled with terrapins, and is a traditional bohio structure (created from dry palm tree branches) with a small bar.

Rebecca Hughes, Casa de Campo shooting centerSet around the Safari Club are the shooting center’s facilities; Skeet and Trap, the pigeon rings, the shooting clays circuit and the colombaire, an impressive facility designed by Michael Rose in 1986, the worlds most famous clay shooting coach at that time.

As shooting novices, our shooting jackets on with 25 rounds tucked into the pockets, our instructor Hermógenes Guerrero, Assistant Director of the center with more than 20 years experience led us down a shady pathway to the Skeet and Trap area. There, Hermo’s expert instruction, typically friendly Dominican demeanour and excellent English put us at ease as we learnt about the safety switch, loading and unloading, as well as most important – taking aim. A little nervous, I let my partner, Philip Silvestri, go first and watching him successfully hit, not all, but some of the flying orange clays, I was raring to go!

What a thrill! Thanks to Hermo’s encouragement and guidance, I took my place, loaded my gun, turned off the safety and bang – I missed! But that didn’t dampen my enthusiasm and after I squeezed off a few more unsuccessful rounds – I did it! And it is that feeling as you see the clay burst into pieces like a firework, that makes you yearn to go back and give it another shot time and time again!

On my next visit to the Shooting Center, I intend to give the Sporting Clays Circuit a shot. A more dynamic version of Skeet and Trap, this circuit has more than 200 different shooting stations, which catapult the clay targets into the air at different heights, speeds and angles to imitate the movement of different animals such as grouse, pheasants and rabbits.

Casa de Campo Shooting Center

Opening times: Daily, 8:30am – 11am, 2pm – 4pm

Tel: (809) 523-3333 Ext.5145


  • Skeet and Trap: US$38
  • Lesson with instructor plus Skeet and Trap: US$57
  • 25 Pigeons: US$367
  • Sporting Clays (50 shots): US$120
  • Sporting Clays (100 shots): US$176
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