Casa de Campo Shooting Center Cocktail

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A cocktail at the Shooting Center last Friday introduced residents to the resort’s shooting facilities and upcoming activities that include a summer camp for kids and a new Junior Shooting Academy. Guests arrived to a practice station to the left of the welcome center, located before heading into the resort’s extensive shooting grounds, and what made this cocktail such a delight was that many folks had a chance to test their marksmanship!

Miguel Abreu, Robert Birtel, Gary Salmon, and Matías Territoriale at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center cocktail (ph: Mairobi Herrera)

Plenty of faces turned up to the event to socialize, but the more daring ones put their name on a list to learn the fundamentals of Clay Shooting. Many little ones, too, took their turn at stepping up to the shooting cage and receiving instruction from each of the center’s qualified and attentive staff, which included director of the Shooting Center, Gary Salmon, on how to properly hold a gun, stare down the barrel, and aim before pulling the trigger. What I found most essential to hitting a clay target was maintaining the correct stance and grip — wherein the gun hits tightly on the pocket of your inside shoulder and rest snuggly against your cheek.

Taking down 4 out of 5 targets on my first run was quite the impressive feat; however, on my fifth target, I took my cheek off the gun and it resulted in a miss. The reason being that one must see accurately and directly down the line of the barrel to ensure a solid shot. Plus, I learned to only pull the trigger at the height of the clay before it drops. Now, this is just my first experience at clay shooting, so I encourage everyone to receive proper instruction and give it a go for a fun and interesting introduction to the sport! The Shooting Center for a limited time is offering a lesson for free, you just have to pay for your gear.

Casa de Campo Shooting Center cocktail (ph: Laura Perdomo)

Plenty of variation in clay and cartridge sizes as well as direction from where the clay is coming from make changing up the complexity of the sport endless, and ideal for beginners as well as advanced shooters. Casa de Campo’s 245 acre grounds are well worth a tour to get to know their Trap and Skeet ranges, simulation areas for bolting rabbit, springing teal, high driven pheasants, and more, and pigeon rings and Columbaire arena. Noteworthy in Casa de Campo’s top of the line shooting center is a 110 ft. tower that provides three levels of throwing targets over 40 meters high. Not to mention, not too far down the road is Rancho Peligro, a 10,000 acre bird reserve located in the hills of the Dominican Republic for pheasant, partridge, and duck hunting. With so many opportunities at your fingertips to discover a time-honored sport, visit the Shooting Center to begin your journey!

Jason Kycek pictured with Johnny Fanjul at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center cocktail (ph: Laura Perdomo)

Following the afternoon’s clay target practice that was complimented by delicious mojitos by Atlantico Rum and a cigar rolling demonstration, guests came together in the welcome center for an unbelievable buffet provided by the resort. Guests dined on shrimp and octopus ceviche, chicken skewers, steak, roasted pork, potatoes and salads, followed by mini desserts and pastries! Jason Kycek, vice-president of Casa de Campo’s sales and marketing, thanked all for joining them in the first of many monthly events for residents and guests to experience the resort’s high quality facilities.

The Junior Shooting Academy begins at the start of next week for children ages 7-17. See the details below to sign-up and get to know one of Casa de Campo’s life-time sports.

The following pictures were taken by Luiggy Morales at Casa de Campo’s spring cocktail at the Shooting Center on Friday, April 21st:

Junior Shooting Academy