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Casa de Campo second main entrance – works goes full steam ahead!

Casa de Campo Second Main Entrance

Casa_de_Campo_second_main_entranceWe’re all very excited about the upcoming opening of the new Casa de Campo second main entrance… But with all the progress going on “behind closed doors” so to speak – it’s hard to know what exactly is going on.

Well friends we’re here to tell you that it’s happening! Just take a look at this incredible image (above) sent to us by Helitours, which was taken from above the Autopista de Coral looking in towards Casa de Campo and the Caribbean Sea.

If you look carefully you can see the 2 lanes of traffic leading up to the new Casa de Campo second main entrance, as well as the initial structure of the actual entrance itself -including just to the right the new Casa de Campo villa owners club and car park for facilitating visitor access.

And for those of you wondering what exactly the this new area will look like…. take a look:

The new Casa de Campo entrance

Casa de Campo

Key features

  • Located approximately 0.5km off of the highway, to allow for efficient cueing on high traffic days – such as national holidays and concerts. Although of course with 2 entrances in operation and a more efficient entrance process, cueing on high traffic days should be a thing of the past.
  • 4 lanes of access.
  • A new Casa de Campo Villa Owners office – where visitors will be able to quickly and efficiently register for access to the Casa de Campo resort.
  • A larger parking lot for visitors.
  • Travel time / distance for visitors and residents staying in the “upper” residential areas of Casa de Campo will be significantly reduced. These areas include Los Altos, Altos de Chavón, Tennis Villas, Barranca, Barranca Este, Las Cañas, Los Tamarindos and others.

The Casa de Campo Villa Owners Club at the new main entrance
Casa de Campo

The other entrance will remain open

The current Casa de Campo main entrance “La Cana” will remain open and fully functional – for Casa de Campo villa owners, residents and visitors alike.

More good news!

Costasur is also investigating ways in which to further improve the flow of traffic within the Casa de Campo resort. For example, once this new entrance is completed, the volume of traffic on the road with the fire station will experience a much higher flow of traffic – something which Costasur has taken into consideration and is already planning for.

Casa de Campo

So WHEN will it be ready?

Well rumors are that the Altos de Chavón road closure will be over by Semana Santa – which certainly makes sense considering the extra influx of visitors and the Andrea Bocelli concert on April 4th.

And as for the new road and second main entrance… well since this project was first announced last year, the official completion date has always been “2015”. However with progress moving along this quickly, fingers crossed we’ll be enjoying new and improved direct access to the Autopista de Coral highway and the Casa de Campo La Romana Airport sometime this summer…

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