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For those who did not know there was a sailing school in Casa de Campo, well now you do. In fact, its not just a sailing school, but a darn good one. Here is a little info (from their website ):

Scuola della Vela has always been the reference point for sailing enthusiasts in Costa Smeralda in north Sardinia. The school is directed by Franco Pistone, national instructor FIV, who has been teaching sailing in Costa Smeralda since 1978 helped by federal instructors and sailing experts. More than 4000 sailing students have taken our courses on vessels ranging from 3 to 10 metres. Scuola della Vela has, for the last 27 years, managed the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda school and for the last 10 years it has also managed the Yacht Club Poltu Quatu school; two year ago we launched a new base in Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic. The school’s policy is to always maintain the highest standards for both didactics and equipment whilst ensuring that professional, well prepared staff contributes constantly to the school’s growth. Our goal is to always remain a school for every person whilst keeping a tight control on the quality of work done.

The Casa de Campo Sailing School is situated at the entrance of the Marina Casa de Campo, next to the restaurant Il Botti, right on the Chavon river.

 While the school offers basic sailing classes of all types, one of their specialties is in the training of crew members and for regattas. The Sailing School has four new J24 s which are fun and fast. For reference, J24s are 24 feet long monotype sailing boats, perfect for those who want to learn sailing or improve their existing skills.

For information on courses mobile : 001.829.523.7072665 home of sailing 001.809.523.2379 –