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On April 29, Casa de Campo Resort & Villas attended the inauguration of the new plant in the Dominican Republic of Ly Company Caribe, a subsidiary of LY COMPANY WATER GROUP, an international company in the packaging of water in cardboard. The group started its operations in Malaga, Spain, as a startup in 2015.

The inauguration was attended by the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, as well as the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ito Bisonó, the ambassadors of Spain and Italy, Alejandro Abellán, and Andrea Canepari, respectively, and an important representation of the various sectors economical. The initiative will benefit the environment, contributing to the reduction of more than 50% of the carbon footprint thanks to the manufacturing processes of the product in an eco-friendly container.

During the event, Casa de Campo Resorts & Villas received special recognition for developing a product with its personalized brand, thus being one of the two companies nationwide to be one of the first to have trusted the proposal, taking a resounding step towards a world more sustainable, avoiding the use of thousands of kilograms of plastic each year in its operations.

The objective of the new plant is to serve the national market, as well as the Caribbean region, Latin America, and the United States, bringing to those markets a new environmentally friendly alternative when consuming bottled water. The packages are made up of a multilayer lamination mostly of cardboard. The stopper is a vegetable in nature from sugar cane, certified by Bonsucro.

With the start-up of the factory, the Dominican market and the region will have a sustainable alternative, this being a relief for the environment and, especially, for the oceans.