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Casa de Campo Open golf tournament: awesome photos!

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Casa de Campo Open 1It has always been said that the key to success is the consistency… and here in Casa de Campo this is certainly true in the case of the Casa de Campo Open Golf Tournament, Casa de Campo’s longest running golf tournament, this year marking it’s 33rd year. 

Casa de Campo Open 4The 33rd edition of the Casa de Campo Open Golf Tournament was played from Wednesday the 10th to Sunday the 16th of September at the golf courses; Teeth of the Dog, Dye Fore and The Links.

The Casa de Campo Open Golf Tournament was first played in 1981, and since then has been one of the Casa de Campo’s most outstanding golf tournaments, attracting players from all over the world, who every year enjoy the breathtaking golf courses in Casa de Campo; Teeth of the Dog, Dye Fore and The Links. This year we were visited by more than 200 golfers from the United States, Aruba, St. Martin, France, Jamaica, St. Thomas, Curacao, Canada, Bahamas, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Haiti, Italy, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Australia and Dominican Republic.

The tournament was simultaneously celebrated on all three of Casa de Campo’s magnificent Pete Dye designed golf courses; Teeth of the Dog, Links and Dye Fore, with one round of golf played on each course each day – an excellent way of not only trying all the challenging golf courses Casa de Campo has to offer, but also of enjoying the unique beauty and stunning views each course has to offer.

Casa de Campo Open 3

For the opening of the oldest and most popular golf tournament in the history of Casa de Campo, participants enjoyed a welcome dinner at The Beach Club by Le Cirque at Minitas Beach.

Following the inauguration and practice rounds across Casa de Campo on Wednesday, the golfers played the 3-day tournament from Thursday to Saturday, following which the prize-giving ceremony was held at the Flamboyant Conference Center at the Casa de Campo Hotel. During the prize-giving ceremony the players enjoyed a cocktail and a delicious dinner.

Ricardo Tovar got a Hole-in-One on the Dye Fore!

Casa de Campo Open 2

The following photos were taken during the 33rd edition of the Casa de Campo Open Golf Tournament on the Teeth of the Dog golf course and at the prize-giving event on the Saturday evening:  

33rd Casa de Campo Open – Results

Men’s Division

Class A

Gross Champion: Milko Brito 106 points

Net Champion: Anthony Micale 111 points

Net Runner-up: Doug Banks 108 points

Class B

Gross Champion: Leroy Williamson 96 points

Gross Runner-up: Yvan Galban Garcia 88 points

Gross 3rd Place: Daniel Marquez 85 points

Gross 4th Place: Juan Carlos DeAntonio 79 points

Gross 5th Place: Fernando Ledesma 78 points

Net Champion: Didier Bedu 115 points

Net Runner-up: Ricardo Toste 114 points

Net 3rd Place: Javier Diaz 112 points

Net 4th Place: Andres Fuentes 111 points

Net 5th Place: Jesus Romero 111 points

Net 6th Place: Yvan Castro 109 points

Class C

Gross Champion: Walter Falkenhagen 76 points

Gross Runner-up: Enrique Gil 65 points

Gross 3rd Place: Fernando Isturiz 64 points

Gross 4th Place: Jose Raul Colon 63 points

Gross 5th Place: Arthur Kane 62 points

Gross 6th Place: Julio Cesar Bell Bello 60 points

Net Champion: Augustine Isernia 122 points

Net Runner-up: Miguel Peñas 119 points

Net 3rd Place: Jose Antonio Ogara115 points

Net 4th Place: Francisco Rivas 113 points

Net 5th Place: Xavier Marin Bello 110 points

Net 6th Place: Bernardo Azuaje 110 points

Class D

Gross Champion: Rafael Cruz 59 points

Gross Runner-up: Avee Poston 48 points

Net Champion: Roberto Granati 128 points

Net Runner-up: Nelson Dao 115 points

Net 3rd Place: Jack Haddad 111 points

Senior Champion: Rodolfo Mesa de Marco 129 points

Super Senior Champion: Luis Yanez 116 points

Master Senior Champion: Carlos Marin Abreu 122 points

Elite Senior Champion: Michael Taylor: 97 points

Ladies Division

Class A

Gross Champion: Yolecci Jimenez 102 points

Net Champion: Margarita de Makovec 119 points

Class B

Gross Champion: Teresa Ledesma 66 points

Net Champion: Myra Vesseur 107 points

Net Runner-up: Vanessa Barreto 103 points

Class C

Gross Champion: Yoleida Vasquez 40 points

Net Champion: Audra Morales 98 points

Senior Champion: Margarita Pardo 114 points

Super Senior Champion: Jan Mingolello 114 points

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