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Casa de Campo offers visitors 105% Hurricane Guarantee

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Anyone familiar with Casa de Campo will know that renting with the hotel directly can provide you with many great benefits, along with the peace of mind that your dealing with a reputable company that cares about its clients*… one of said advantages is their 105% Hurricane Guarantee! If you think about it, this is pretty big. 

It breaks down like this: If your vacation or intended vacation is interrupted due to a hurricane, hurricane watch or hurricane warning, your entitled to 100% refund + 5% resort credit. While a hurricane refund is not unique in the industry, this is indeed a very aggressive program, with minimal clauses. 
The “full” information can be found at: Of course, if your not renting through the hotel, you should inquire (and get in writing) what, if any, refunds you might receive. Also, if renting independently, make sure to ask about what, if any, hurricane emergency plans they have in case the worst should happen. 

*You would not believe the stories I’ve heard about people renting from ‘independent agents’ or from direct from the owners; and while 80% of these cases end without a problem, you can’t imagine what I’ve heard about that other 20% of the time… but those are stories for another time.

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