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Casa de Campo Living Reviews: The Big Break Dominican Republic – great TV!

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Despite all the hype and even despite the fact that the Big Break was filmed in Casa de Campo, practically in my own back yard, I must admit I was not particularly excited about watching the premier last night, but I am very glad I did. I like to play golf (very occasionally and rather badly), but actually watching a TV show about golf holds absolutely no interest for me and so I was very pleasantly surprised to find myself actually really watching and enjoying the show – and of of course routing girls!

So why did I like it?

I liked it because it is not all about golf, it is essentially a reality TV show and competition, a little like ‘the Biggest Loser’ it has a ‘real’ aspect, with the thoughts, feelings, trails and tribulations of real people, which regardless of the actual contest is interesting to watch. And the contest IS interesting to watch, although based on golfing skills, the contests are not playing an actual round of golf, so the contest is much more fast paced and the winners/losers are determined within just a few strokes, its actually quiet exciting!

This season of the Big Break is a ‘battle of the sexes’ with the girls (who are calling themselves the ‘glossy posse’) battling against the boys (who think the ‘glossy posse’ is lame). In order for a player to win the main US$50,000 prize their team must also win, and so with the season having only just begun the battle between the beauties (some of the girls are rather attractive) and the boys is ON! Watching the classic males/female divide and the different reactions and stress-copying strategies is both amusing and fascinating and so stereotypical, in the first episode we saw the girls clapping and cheering their teammates on, whilst the boys sat in tense silent. I’m looking forward to seeing how the drama develops I’m expecting tears, tantrums and frustrated golf-club throwing…..

Of course the fact that this season was filmed in our beautiful home of Casa de Campo, voted the World’s Leading Golf Resort at the World Travel Awards 2009, well that makes the show even better! The first episode was mainly set on the world famous, Pete Dye designed golf course, the Teeth of the Dog, with winds along our dramatic coastline and created a stunning back drop for the show!

My conclusion? I liked it, I will be watching it again next week, I recommend anyone (even if you’re not a golf enthusiast) to give it a try, you’ll probably like it – even if just to enjoy spotting a friend’s villa or the spot where you like to run in the morning. I’m routing for the ‘Glossy Posse’ even though I agree with the boys that the name is lame!

The Big Break Dominican Republic every Tuesday, 9PM on channel the Golf Channel #39!

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PHOTO CREDIT: Mark Ashman / Golf Channel

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