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Casa de Campo Living Reviews: Onno’s Bar – Casa de Campo’s Best Bar Food!

onnos bar altos de chavon

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onnos bar altos de chavonOn Friday the 14th of October, following the inauguration of the new art exhibit “Tierra y Tiempo” in the Altos de Chavón art gallery (click here for photos),  we were invited to Onno’s Bar to do a review of their new “bar food” menu and we were very pleasantly surprised……..

If you’ve not headed to Onnos lately, its worth at least walking by for a look. With new furniture and a more casual dining-centric setup, it has become a surprisingly pleasant dining experience. On this particular Friday night, the crowd was a nice relaxed mix of villa owners, art students and guests – all enjoying a pleasant evening out in Altos de Chavón.

onnos bar altos de chavon

The Menu
The menu has a nice variety of bar food. As a matter of fact, we were informed that the menu, and prices, are identical at all Onnos locations; Altos de Chavón, Santo Domingo and Cabarete. The menu includes; salads, sandwiches, fried foods, burgers, pizzas, pastas, tacos and some delicious deserts – don’t come for pseudo-gourmet, come here for some good eats and a casual unpretentious atmosphere.

House Wine
Did you know Onno’s has a wine list? A pretty good one at that – given the price points. Even the house wine (which we enjoyed) is about as good as you would expect at any other Casa de Campo restaurant. And as we discovered – bar food and a nice bottle of wine goes done surprisingly well!

It’s a bar and they serve food and despite that the service though can be very good. Our waitress, Raisa, was knowledgable, pleasant, and non-intrusive yet attentive – not something that is pulled off properly around these parts, if you know what I mean!

Now for the food! Whilst we obviously did not try everything on the menu, we did try a good range, here is our review of everything we sampled:

Fully Loaded Nachos (RD$340)

onnos bar altos de chavonA generous pile of macho nachos with all the right toppings: cheese, refried beans, sour cream, chicken, guacamole, tomatoes and a touch of garlic delight. A delicious and filling appetizer, easily sharable and just what you need when the mood calls for nachos.

Focaccia (RD$150)

For not having a brick oven we were very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the focaccia. Touches of rosemary and oregano make this a convincing recreation.

Beer Battered Fish Fingers (RD$400) with Yuca Fries (RD$150)
onnos bar altos de chavon
Golden crispy on the outside and deliciously tender on the inside. Juicy and lightly seasoned, these are some delicious fish fingers.

Churrasco (RD$450)

onno's bar altos de chavonThe churrasco was succulent, tender and perfectly salted, a very good churrasco by any standards. The dish is served with your choice of any 2 sides (fries, yuca, tostones, rice, vegetables or salad), we choose Onion rings which were excellent and yuca fries which were pretty good too. We were however not big fans of the chimichuri sauce – but to be honest the meat had such a good flavor it didn’t need it.

Sizzling Churrasco Fajitas (RD$695)

onnos bar altos de chavon
Excellent – actually made with steak rather than meat strips. Cooked with plenty of onions and peppers and served with a good quantity of wraps, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and tomato salsa.

Well done Onno’s – you’ve certainly cornered the Casa de Campo “bar food” market!


NOTE: Whilst we did have a great time and a great meal, as the night progressed the music got louder and louder, presumably to cater for a “younger” and more “party-orientated” crowd – if you’re not big party animals we recommend you leave before 11pm, or sit on the outside bench seats, where the music would be slightly less booming.

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