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Casa de Campo Living Reviews: La Piazetta – a forgotten treasure?

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Casa de campo living reviews - la piazetta

Casa de Campo Living was recently invited to the La Piazetta Italian restaurant in Altos de Chavon to do a ‘Casa de Campo Living Review’ and we were thrilled to discover and enjoy this hidden treasure of a restaurant! We LOVED La Piazetta – read on to find out why, or pick up the phone and book yourself a table for dinner now – you will not regret it!

la piazetta italian tresaure! casa de campo living reviews

La Piazetta has been an Altos de Chavon staple for many many years and with good reason: it is quiet simply excellent, if you haven’t visited for a long time – now is the time to rediscover this hidden treasure!

At La Piazetta you will find prices which are by no means cheap but are very reasonable given the outstanding quality of food and service. They have a very extensive menu, which although elaborate avoids being pretentious – all portions are plentiful as well as being beautifully presented. The waiters are polite, discrete, and friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

The decor and ambience of La Piazetta hasn’t changed much (if at all) since it first opened and so retains a very traditional, rustic appearance without appearing shabby, which creates a wonderfully charming and romantic atmosphere. The old-Italian decor of herb tiles, paintings and hanging pots and pans all add to the magic and illusion of La Piazetta.

la piazetta antipasto - casa de campo living

Throughout the evening the musical duo – an accordion player and a singing guitarist visit each table one by one, always keeping a very respectful distance, keeping the ambiance light heartened and romantic. This duo are a huge asset to La Piazetta – they are extremely talented and the accordian player has been playing at La Piazetta for over 30 years – since 1975!

la piazetta - casa de campo living

The Food!! Very delicious!

*** Appetizers***

la piazetta- casa de campo living

A very popular La Piazetta appetizer is it’s traditional Italian Antipasto (US$17) – a huge bar and array of antipasto treats – everything from eggplant to artichokes to beetroot, cheese and beans, pasta salad, cold meats, olives and much more! These photos speak for themselves:

Shrimp Salad served with polenta and a delicious extra vigin oil sauce, fresh tomatoes and capers (US$15) – this dish was light, refreshing and delicious!

shrimp salad at La Piazetta - casa de campo living

Caprese Salad Piazetta style, fresh tomoatoes, mozzarella and roasted red peppers served with a basil and balsamic vinaigrette (US$15) – this classic dish is perfectly executed, the freshness of all the ingredients made this popular dish really come alive with delicate flavours. The mozzarella was soft, springy, moist and of course delicious!

Caprese at la Piazetta - casa de campo living

Tuna tartare with avocado, green apple and ginger (US$15) – quiet simply the BEST Tuna tartare I have EVER tasted! So absolutely delicious – an explosion of flavor that is unexpected, but tremendous. The fresh tuna explodes on your tongue with smoky hints of av0cado and a subtle hint of ginger, adding a refreshingly beautiful touch. This dish is a must try!
tuna at La Piazetta - Casa de Campo Living

Warm Octopus salad with potatoes and red wine sauce (US$15) – perfectly combined with undertones of capers, celery and porcini mushroom, made this a very pleasing dish for the pallette. A touch of sweet balsamic reduction adds to the presentaion, but also adds to the hints of flavor that make this dish a sheer delight.
octupus salad at la piazetta - casa de campo living

*** Main Course ***

Osobuco (a special) – served on a bed of saffron risotto, the meat was so tender and rich it fell of the bone, and melted in my mouth. This hearty dish was truly delightful – a meat-eater’s dream!

osbuco at la piazetta - casa de campo living

Beef fillet with a porcini mushroom crust and sauteed vegetables (UD$33) – tender, rich and cooked to perfection (exactly as requested) – a very good steak. I especially loved the porcicni mushroom crust, it had a splendid flavor.
beef steak at la piazetta - casa de campo living

Grouper fillet served with lentils and mixed vegetables in a leek sauce with a hint of saffron (US$26) – a light yet hearty dish, the fish had a very delicate flavor which was perfectly complimented by the lentils and deliciously garnished with a Julien of vegetables.
fish at la piazetta - casa de campo living

Lamb chops ‘Sottadito’ served with sugar peas and dried plums (US$35) – this was the second time I’d tried this dish at La Piazetta and I loved it just as much as the first time. Fresh, juicy, flavourful lamb, combined with the peas and the plums – delicious!
lamb chops at la piazetta - casa de campo living


Tiramisu with confit of cherry and yogurt (US$9) – beautifuly presented,with hints of Amarreto and coffee with a consistansy that brings out the essence of the desert.
tiramisu at la piazetta - casa de campo living

Warm apple tart with pine nuts and raisins served with Sabayon and Santo wine sauce (US$9) – deliciously crusty with a melt-in-your-mouth apple centre topped with almond slices. A classic dish and very very tasty! Another must-try!
apple tart at la piazetta - casa de campo living

Warm Chocolate Tortino with vanilla ice cream ($9) – 100% delicioso – slightly crispy on the outside, soft, warm and runny on the inside! As I eagerly cut into this desert the sticky, chocolatey, goey-yumminess oozed out and combined with the melting ice cream. Heavenly.
chocolate tortino at la piazetta - casa de campo living

And the man behind all this incredible food? Chef Manuel Sánchez, who has been the chef at La Piazetta for many years.
chef at la piazetta - casa de campo living

Our conclusion? La Piazetta is wonderful!

To reserve a table for dinner call extension #5339

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