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rum punchCasa de Campo’s Lago Grill, most famous for it’s legendary buffet breakfasts is now open every evening – hosting Dominican Nights!  And last Friday evening we (Casa de Campo Living) along with a team of trusted “tasters” tried it out for a review – and discovered great food, great prices and had a really great time!  UPDATE: Live music is now played every night to accompany the Dominican Menu – and there have even been some new dishes added to the menu, such as “pasteles en hoya”! Philip and I (Rebecca Hughes) were joined by Tere Garcia from Miami, Bijai Singh, who has been living in the Dominican Republic most of his life, as well as Valaria Singh and Yana Myuller, both from Russia and living in Casa de Campo full-time. So without further ado here we bring you our review of the new “Dominican Menu”, available every evening from 6pm at Casa de Campo’s Lago Grill.

The tasting team! Yana, Tere, Bijai, Valeria and Philip casa de campo living

Ambiance Occupying the beautiful palapa overlooking the 18th hole of the Teeth of the Dog, the Lago Grill is especially fresh during the evening, thanks to a refreshing sea breeze and whilst elegant and simple it is undeniably Casa de Campo’s most casual restaurant ambience-  with a laid back atmosphere, which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. AND every Friday and Saturday evening the Dominican menu will be accompanied by live music – a traditional Dominican folk band called “Perico Ripao”.

“It would be a great place to bring the kids.” — Bijai Singh (Bijai and Valeria have 2 small children)

Bienvenidos!! Start your Dominican Night with a rum punch! rum punch

Drinks  To get into the spirit of Dominican Night we all opted for rum based cocktails – the girls choose the “Casa de Campo” (US$12) with chinola, orange, pineapple and Ron Atlantico whilst the gents went for the traditional “Rum Punch” (US$12), both were excellent. Although if I had to choose – I would recommend the “Rum Punch” – it was slightly more potent and every Thursday is 2×1 for Casa de Campo villa owners! We also enjoyed both the white and red house wines (no comments please – it was a Friday!) and both were very good – and at only US26 each we thought quiet reasonably priced too. And so after a warm-up cocktail and some chit-chat and giggles we moved on to the eating! Bueno Provecho – here’s what we devoured….
Yuca Empanadas with tartare and cilantro sauce (US$6) empanadas A truly traditional Dominican dish, empanadas are small savoury pastries stuffed with meat or cheese and deep fried. There are many varieties, but these were made with yuca flour (which I believe is the most authentic) and stuffed with 2 different fillings; carne molida (ground beef) and cheese. Served with a delicious tartar sauce with a touch cilantro, these empanadas got the “thumbs up” from all of us – especially as they were not greasy as you would expect.
Chicken Quesadillas served with pico de gallo and guacamole (US$14) quesadilla A simple dish, the Chicken Quesadilla, was a large tortilla stuffed with cheese and chicken, chopped into little pieces and served with fresh guacamole and a firey pico de gallo. Whilst great to share we all agreed that this would be a great option for kids (although for little ones it would probably be best to remove the pico de gallo – it really was quiet spicy!)
Traditional Dominican Sancocho (US$17) sancocho Sancocho is quiet possibly the most authentic, traditional and popular of all Dominican cuisine options. A meat stew with lots of viveres (root vegetables – potato, yuca, casabe, carrot etc), this thick, delicious, meaty, starchy goodness is served with a side of white rice and avocado, perfect with a dash of tabasco and/or a squeeze of lemon. And whilst we were all tucking into our delicious and authentic Dominican dish – we were very surprised to discovered that it bares a very strong resemblance to Russian Goulash….. “This is real Russian food!” — Valeria Singh “It is very good – just like in Russia!” — Yana Myuller
Chivo a la Higueyana (goat stew US$17) chivo The first thing that will strike you about this beautiful dish is the fantastic aroma that wafts from the plate. Served with a side of rice with bacon and black beans, it is a surprisingly refined dish, which is robust in flavor, and stewed to perfection. “I’ve never tried goat before and this was really good. It tasted like a real home-made meal.” — Tere Garcia “Super” — Bijai Singh “That was really delicious” — Valeria Singh
Shrimp Asopao with Mamajuana and Coconut (US$17) asopao Asopao is a little like a risotto, but is perhaps a little more liquid. Typically Asapao is made with shrimps, but in this version the shrimps were sauteed with vegetables and mamajuana liquor before being added to the Asapao – something which added a distinctly different flavor. Above all else we were all impressed with how fresh it tasted. “The flavor is really good!” — Tere Garcia
Pescado al Coco (fish with coconut sauce US$17) pescado al coco Following the 5 other courses, our group was a little full and therefore hesitant to taste another dish, but as “Pescado al Coco” really is a Dominican classic we couldn’t refuse – and I personally am really pleased we didn’t – it was delicious! I would say definitely the best “Pescado al Coco” I have ever tasted – it was light and flavorful. “This dish was a rich Caribbean respite, with flavorful coconut and vegetable sauce that complemented the tender delicious fish. A treat for those looking to enjoy a lighter fare.” — Philip Silvestri
Majarete (US$6) majarete This classic Dominican desert has a beautiful presentation and wonderful flavor. Majarete is made of corn and is a little like “rice pudding”, delicious and creamy, with a wonderful flavor and hints of cinnamon. Served inside a whole fresh coconut there is plenty to share and once you’re finished with the Majarete – we recommend you ask to have the coconut meat cut out of the shell, it was soo good! “A delicious classic majarete. The unique taste and texture brings you back to a happy childhood growing up in the Dominican Republic – regardless if you did or not.” — Philip Silvestri
Mamajuana (US$5.50) No Dominican Night can come to an end without a shot of Mamajuana, a potent concoction of rum, red wine and honey matured with tree barks and other herbs. Although it was a little rough at first, we noticed that it suspiciously began tasting better after one or two……
A super night! We strongly recommend that you, your family and friends give the new Dominican menu at Lago Grill a try – you won’t be disappointed. The food is great and with the reasonable prices and casual atmosphere it’s a great option for when you want to keep it “low-key.” Please click on the images below to view the full menu:  
SPECIALS for Casa de Campo Villa owners! If you are a Casa de Campo vill owner you are entitled to a 15% discount at all Casa de Campo restaurants and every Thursday at the Lago Grill, villa owners are treated to another special 2×1 on rum punch cocktails! Remember to show your Casa de Campo villa owners card (Courtesy Card) to take advantage of these offers!
Note: These prices do not include taxes.