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The Casa de Campo Living Horoscope: January 22nd – January 28th

The Casa de Campo Living Horoscope

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In this week, we may be met with a bumpy beginning, but self-confidence and career productivity prevail. We’re all reminded about the dangers of love, and that concentration on what’s true and best for us is key.


A key to success this week Aries is taking advantage of the light energies headed your way. Your social life will take off, and you’ll have a real feeling of optimism. Being proactive and energetic, and surrounding yourself with good people will keep your luck on track. Ups and downs in legal matters are foreseen, in addition to international affairs, and love and travel. Avoid misunderstandings by maintaining clear communication. Midweek, authority figures are likely to support your ideas and endeavors, so don’t disappoint. It’s not a time to approach people you just met romantically- your inner circle will frown on this. Light energies come by the weekend, mix, mingle, and smile as your flirtatious and lucky self flourishes.


Stop procrastinating Taurus, you must take your career goals seriously. Authority figures are likely to support your efforts in the near future, and this week you’ll start to feel more physically capable and eager to show others your talents. Your proactivness and energy will show the higher ups you deserve that promotion—stop complaining, and charge ahead! Impress others, and keep your eye open to new opportunities. The week begins with mixed aspects; stay cautious with your financial decisions, intimacy issues, and hidden secrets. Update your medical insurance and try to be transparent as others have a watchful eye on you. Good luck is present in legal matters and travel, and although love is favored, keep your distance with that new-love! Your professional life and reputation take center stage this weekend— it’s a lucky energy for making decisions about your future career.


A week when you start feeling the need to enjoy life again. Don’t stay sitting at home, Gemini, when new opportunities are unfolding. Be proactive and show others your skills! You will love sharing your ideas with new people, and being open minded will bring new opportunities to your doorstep. Be tolerant as authority figures are temperamental this week. Regarding your relationship, being stubborn is not the right choice—especially in love. Cooperate and be as diplomatic as you can, because people around you are likely to be somewhat intolerant. A sudden love attraction will only bring disappointments. Midweek, you’ll feel like making those long awaited decisions about your financial, health, and sex life. It’s a good time for that. Luck is also present in international affairs, and deep understanding and love fill your weekend. You’ll feel excellent!


It’s a week when you will start to feel the need to make final decisions regarding your financial live, intimacy,  health concerns, and sex. However, you should be a little cautious because it’s better to be safe than sorry. Be gentle in your approach to others, and you will see the magic. Keep your eyes open when dealing with lawyers, contracts,  contacts, and wait for the right time to start that financial project. Do your own research. Avoid succumbing to temptation in any new relationship because eventually you might regret it. The week’s ups and downs begin off the bat, so stick to your tried-and-true routine. Avoid controversial people that can harm your reputation and put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Being cooperative in your relationships midweek is the right choice, as others will see you with different eyes. The weekend is good for your financial life and sex life. Try to improve your communication as luck accompanies you! Now is the time; charge ahead…


A week where results are mixed in the department of romance; it’s a time to be cooperative and tolerant. Stress levels will only damage your health, so be smart and look for other options. Strictly avoid extra marital affairs— it’s a fatal consequence for your financial life, Leo. Open you eyes as sudden lust and love beckons, but know it’s the time to say NO. You’ll have a lot of doubts this week: feelings of insecurity and skepticism. Communication with others is vital, and true love is always the right choice. Think about it. Hasty decisions will prove very disappointing. Start a new exercise routine instead, and tackle chores judiciously midweek. Don’t lose control as you are forced to overcome difficult obstacles. Relationships fill your weekend, and you can see how opportunities unfold on your behalf. Open your heart to true love and enjoy.


You are starting to feel very magnetic and sexual, Virgo. Suddenly, you are tired of only work and heavy duties. You want to charge ahead with a new intimate life or partner, but wait just a second and think twice about this! This time, it’s best to start a new exercise regime, watch your diet, and stick to your chores. Avoid succumbing to pressures by people you recently met because appearances can be deceiving. No extra-marital affairs here please! The week shifts your domestic sphere, and loved ones are temperamental. It’s not a week for sharp answers; keep your cool and composure. you feel romantic and eager to take risks midweek, but someone or something is determined to spoil your fun. Try to maintain your stress level as low as you can, avoiding bad temperament yourself as you confront a difficult situation. The weekend is for health and work, stop procrastinating as you’ll be highly satisfied with the results of all your efforts!

The Casa de Campo Living Horoscope


It’s a week to be aware of your decisions, and make conscious choices regarding love, moving, your kids, and contracts. Take your time and breathe… let go of unnecessary stress, and chasing things or people outside of your marriage. It’s better to stay safe than lust after someone else. Keep your distance from romantic relationships at work— it’s not the time to mix the two and may bring dire consequences. The week begins with short trips, communication, and paper work. Be effective and transparent. Your domestic sphere takes center stage midweek as you share happy times with loved ones; remember to call your parents! Romance is in the air over the weekend as your levels of confidence rise. It’s a good energy for risk-taking and hobbies. Don’t forget to be grateful and enjoy.


Time to unwind, Scorpio. As you always chase what’s convenient for you, take a pause on a romance that’s going no where, and spending your money wastefully. Love connections at the office will deceive you, so look for stability and stay at home. Pay attention to your loved ones and avoid extra marital affairs— it’s not a time for conflicts in your house. Preserve the peace! Your body deserves attention too so rest and keep a healthy diet. Be conservative and save as the week begins with mixed energy for your financial life. Don’t procrastinate midweek with your paperwork, just smile and stay on top of your errands. Avoid any sudden attractions midweek in romance and creativity— no hasty decisions and you will be safe. Remain close to your brothers and sisters over the weekend, as well as your in-laws and neighbors.


It’s ME time, Sagittarius, and you deserve it! Don’t let others spoil your fun as you make your own decisions. Short trips, errands, communication, creativity, and even romance fill your week. It’s a big week and you will feel eager to take risks on love and gambling. Think twice so that sudden attractions don’t knock you out of balance. Reject unethical approaches and be transparent. You may feel temperamental at the beginning of the week, but there’s no time for that— keep your cool before making a scene. Enjoy the week as sells, deals, and money-making maneuvers take center stage. You feel the need to spend on luxury items, but maybe it’s something you don’t really need. Conserve and save. It’s a good time for socializing, networking, creating new contacts, and starting any type of communication project. Get out there!


The way you make money will be on your mind this week, Capricorn. It’s time to make the right decisions and to surround yourself with the right people. Wasting your time with situations that aren’t worth it is not the right choice. Avoid a sudden attraction as it might bring disappointment in the near future. Remember, lust and money don’t mix, especially this week. Start the week resting, if possible; you will feel tired and the need to spend quality time with yourself. Make plans for this, and the future, avoiding crowded places and loud music. It may take you a little bit of time to regain self-confidence by midweek, so be smooth and gentle in your approach to others. Midweek is for errands and short trips, casual friends, and sharing with your neighbors and in laws. Look at the big picture, and don’t think only about the here and now.


Your goals and aspirations are forefront, Aquarius. Take advantage of this energy to pursue your dreams as you feel lucky, proactive, and energetic. Just say NO to sudden attractions, extra marital affairs, and unethical deals. Having a purpose in life is more important to you now than ever. Keep grounded and don’t over indulge. The week starts with ups and downs due to the unstable energy. Keep faith as events can unfold in good ways, but don’t lose your temper as you overcome the obstacles. Social life, flirting, buying and selling, all these themes become very demanding midweek. Don’t make decisions in haste, and don’t let others take you for granted! Hold onto perspective when you feel over optimistic, but enjoy the lucky energy you encounter this weekend just by being yourself.


It’s a wonderful week to start thinking about your real career goals, Pisces. In order to come to the best conclusion, you need a lot of relaxation and rest. It’s not a time to be surrounded by lots of people; in fact, you’ll be craving your alone time. You’ll be attracted to spiritual places, charity, or government negotiations. Save your money, and think twice about what you truly need. You’ll have no regrets if you refrain from over-indulging. Appearances can be deceiving so avoid sudden romantic and sexual attractions. Opportunities are waiting for you work-wise; put your focus here and be smart. Don’t make decisions too quickly and read the fine print. By midweek, you’ll feel optimistic but still require that alone time. Keep a low profile in risks and flirtatious behavior. The weekend’s lucky energy comes in the form of money, but you must save it! Tighten your financial belt and you’ll still be smiling by month’s end.

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