The Casa de Campo Living Horoscope: January 1st – January 7th, 2017


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In a great start to the new year, romantic and business opportunities present themselves. Remaining true to who we are, with our heads not in the clouds, we can accomplish almost anything. A new year brings new ideas and hopes for the future, but let’s not forget our on-going projects or compromise our morals and what is best for us.


Happy New Year, Aries! You start the week feeling confident; you’ve been doing all the required preparations for advancement in your career. In doing so, mid January you’ll be able to charge ahead. Remain diplomatic and do your work, and what is expected from you. Being approachable to others will get you the help you need. Keep your feet on the ground this first month of the year relating to love and business, because you must be aware of the good and bad aspects to all situations. The week begins with good energy for love and romance, enjoy flirting but keep your eyes open as it’s not the right time to initiate a new love relationship. This will help you avoid frustrations and disappointments later. No matter the ups and downs, it’s a good week for getting recognition and praise at work. Think about money towards the end of the week as the start of 2017 is a lucky time for finances.


Happy New Year, Taurus! It’s a week where you feel solid as a rock, and traveling, international, and legal matters come center stage. You will have many options presented to you this week. It may be in the form of love, or where you’re deciding to live. Think about what you want and you will find the answer. Do not let anyone make a big decision for you. Look ahead to future consequences; it’s not a good time to start a new project or relationship. Wait until mid January! This week begins with a lucky energy and feeling grateful; remain wise and take action. Retrograde’s season of delays and misunderstandings will pass. Don’t let them stop you. Do not procrastinate and finish your pending obligations. Mid week, relax and stay home – being around a lot of people is not what your body and soul needs at the moment. Share with people who have the same interests as you and avoid controversial types. The weekend holds a wonderful energy for accomplishing most anything you want. Be bold and brave.


Happy New Year, Gemini!! Did you get your focus back? It’s a good week to finish all creative and old projects you have left on the back burner. It’s also a week to keep your cool when authority figures become temperamental. Do your work and smile. The week starts with great energy for love and bonding. So turn romantic possibilities to your favor. This first week of the new year is also a good time for international, cultural, and legal matters. People want to commit, so let the facts talk and make the decision mid January after due thought. Middle of the week brings help from others, especially from women. You’ll remain optimistic and energetic with this cooperative energy. You’re seeking the truth. Relax, meditate, and exercise. Eat healthy (not too many spicy foods) and the influential theories and perspectives of others will begin to resonate.


Happy New Year, Cancer!  You start your week in a very, very lucky and sensual way. Your financial and sex life are vibrant and you feel buoyant, but you must remain in tune to seeing big issues that can arise regarding love and business. Be realistic and don’t waste your time or money. Do what is best for yourself and don’t neglect your health. Keep a cautious eye on that ex who keeps coming back into your life – put your feet on the ground and think of your reputation. Stay away from controversial situations; don’t sabotage yourself to make others happy. This first week of the new year check your medical insurance, bank accounts, and the money people owe you. Get paid, and continue your ongoing projects. Avoid starting new ones until the middle of the month. Be talented, cooperative, and impress those around you with your creativity. The weekend brings light-hearted energy, so stop feeling guilty and keep a balance between work and play.


Happy New Year, Leo! It’s a week where you may hold your heart in your hands, receiving messages of old opportunities and ex lovers. Be honest with yourself and don’t become disappointed with others because you will have many options regarding love and a stable financial life. You can strike a good deal on an old ongoing project, but don’t become involved in new schemes. If you are an employer, check references and stay away from controversial situations. Legal and international business are favored for you at this time, but remain cautious. Don’t let the delays and frustrations of retrograde season continue to halt you. The weekend is also ripe for socializing and enjoying time with friends. Take advantage of this lucky and flirtatious energy.


Happy New Year, Virgo! Your intuition is telling you the right thing. You are not the same person anymore; you feel different and want other things in life. You could be pulled to temptation very easily these days, or get into a situation that involves a third person in your relationship. The problem with this would be that you are not absolutely sure of what you really want, so stick to what you have now, and make a decision regarding business or love after middle January. The week begins with good and lucky energies for serious relationships. Talk to your husband or wife and keep the energy flowing. Get contracts ready at the office and do your paperwork. Always read the fine print! Success and luck in financial matters comes mid week, if you’re chasing money, don’t mix love and business. Be ambitious but remain with your feet on the ground. The weekend is good for love and travel, with good energy for legal matters. Avoid problematic people around you and enjoy life!

Casa de Campo Living Horoscope


Happy New Year, Libra! This start to 207 is a week where you should focus entirely on your home sphere: your children and security. Sometimes in bouts of nostalgia, you may feel you want to bring back people and situations from your past, but remember the good and bad of such times. Be objective and avoid falling in love from someone from the office. This would bring many inconveniences in the future! Appearances can be deceiving as we enter the new year, so be on your guard against new projects or relationships before mid January. It’s wiser to wait. Luck and light energy is present for sharing needed time with loved ones. Cook up a healthy dinner for you and your family and hold onto that resolution for a good exercise routine. You will feel happier. People around you can be overly critical mid week and relationships could sour. Keep your cool and everything will be OK. It’s a good time for sex and financial matters. Update your insurances to avoid surprises, listen to your doctor, and consider yourself lucky. You are.


Happy New Year, Scorpio! Money and romance takes over your mind this week… you will feel confused about both. We hope you kept your money close to you over the holiday season so you can breathe and pay any debts. Avoid unnecessary spending and you will feel better because you probably have several money issues to face at home. Watch your health and loved ones, and avoid excess of all kinds. The week begins with a supportive home; visit your in-laws and tackle chores. Be effective early on because disappointments and misunderstandings come knocking mid week. Keep your faith that all will end well. Tempted as you will be all week to forbidden matters, (like an ex always texting you),  it’s wiser not to gamble or take a huge risk either in love or business. Remain ethical as this will preserve your peace of mind. Mix and mingle over the weekend; there is vibrant and good energy for love and relationships. Listen to others and be sweet…so you will get the same in return.


Happy New Year, Sagittarius! This week indecision over money and possessions may cloud your mind; you must try to spend little as your concern grows for relocating or making a big lifestyle change. It’s wisest to wait a little, before even thinking about it. It’s not the best time for a big change in lifestyle like leaving your home, town, or spouse. Temptations are very attractive, but keep your cool over taking large risks. The start of the week is light and lucky, it’s a good time to socialize and reconnect with old pals. Get together with neighbors, brothers and sisters, and find the solutions for problems affecting your community. Don’t be disheartened by delays and inconveniences as they are a product of the retrograde season. Patience is needed here. Relationships are strongly favored midweek, and love, but keep in mind it’s not a good time to start with somebody you just met. Take steps this weekend to better your health, accomplish errands, and socialize. Be cooperative at work – you may get a promotion!


Happy New Year, Capricorn! This week, you’ll feel powerful and get the support of authority figures that you’ve been waiting for. It’s not a time for secrets as they may become get public, so with that said, transparency is the key now. It’s a time when deep sexual attractions return to your life, and you must make the best decision regarding this. Remember the good and the bad, and avoid disappointment in the future. Don’t launch a new project before middle January – stay patient and humble. The week starts lucky and you feel enthusiastic about what you read or receive – stop texting that problematic ex, before the iron gets too hot! It’s almost a definite you will feel very disappointed later. I know it’s hard, but better to stay away from complications. This first week of the new year comes with a good energy for your domestic scene, so take advantage and share with family. Keep harsh comments to yourself and make others happy. There is a lucky and vibrant energy in the air for romance, gambling, and creativity. Mix and mingle, fall in love, enjoy this new vibe!


Happy New Year, Aquarius! Pleasure and beauty take center stage this week, in addition to romance. It’s good to remember that retrograde period brings a lot of offers, but also indecision, so it’s better to wait to middle January to charge ahead. Protect your health, and try to avoid alcohol. Follow a detox diet, if possible. The week starts with a very lighthearted energy which is good for romance and flirting. Get together with someone special and feel the sparks. Avoid excess and temptation midweek, preferably tackling chores, doing errands, and communicating with others. Be cooperative; ignore the delays and disappointments, and keep faith. All will go well. Everything runs smooth at home, so now’s the time you can start planning your repairs and how to redecorate your home or garden.


Happy New Year, Pisces! It’s a week to be the leader and also cooperate with others. You feel lucky and optimistic, but you must keep your feet on the ground. Stay on track with your ongoing projects and refrain from beginning new ones until mid January. Attractions and romances can cloud your mind so try to remain objective to avoid future regrets. Do your work and excel at it as others have high expectations for you. The week is good for communication, but be aware of envious people. In this first week of January, go with the flow and don’t push others to do things you wouldn’t do. Don’t overspend, and follow advice of those more experienced. Don’t be a rebel. Romance is all around you, but you have to be wise enough to make the right choice. Push drama and hard feelings out of your life. It’s an excellent weekend for short trips, paperwork, e-mails, and communication in general. Keep faith in humanity and smile.

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