The Casa de Campo Living Horoscope: January 15th – January 21st

Casa de Campo Living Horoscope

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A lighthearted energy this coming weekend makes all things possible. Learn how to prepare for it throughout the week.


It’s a week full of ambition, dreams, and relationships. If, at times, you are not sure of the correct way to go, stop and think twice. Better times are coming and you will soon feel light as a butterfly. Tackle chores and stick to routine at the beginning of the week when at times things don’t go as expected. Keep your cool and be patient; eventually everything ends up as it should. Don’t expect too much from others this week, as people will not be as cooperative as usual. Open your eyes eyes when it comes to partnerships and be as transparent as possible; avoid gossip and try to keep a low profile. At the the end of the week you will face of lot of positive energy that help you in making big changes in your life. Intimacy, financial well-bing, medical diagnosis, and hopes and dreams are strong areas for you this week, and you’ll be showered with good luck.


Being cooperative and not expecting a lot from others and from the situations around you will be key in keeping your balance this week. Do not force situations, and let them unfold naturally. The week starts with mixed patterns related to your daily duties and romantic life…lower your expectations relating to other people’s performance around the office. It’s best to wait and let facts talk for themselves. Forcing situations will only backfire. Midweek can bring a sudden surprise as positive energies hit your life and direct relations with others may flourish. Good luck regarding business, love, and public relations is present this week so take advantage of it!


The way to success is being patient and waiting for the right time. Sudden surprises and recent challenges took you out of focus, but have no fear you will charge ahead soon. It’s been hard and long, but after the decisions are made events will turn in your favor. It would be wise to think twice before making dramatic changes in your life. The week begins with mixed energies where families and bosses can have an argumentative way of expressing themselves. Keep your cool and reject provocation. Be prepared for criticism as well as applause. Having an open mind will attract others to you. Be romantic but not impatient. Let it be, and always remember that to have a balance in life you must have a productive work ethic but also happy heart. Positivism and good energies fill your weekend and you feel lucky, and capable of accomplish anything. Move forward; don’t procrastinate!


It’s a week when love and romance are very well aspected, and where both tolerance and patience are needed to gain success. Be compassionate and try  to understand others. Do not succumb to temptation—it’s smarter this time to think twice before making life changing decisions. The week may bring frustrations in communication, but keep faith in your endeavors and you will likely succeed. It’s a matter of waiting. The home sphere becomes center stage midweek, and loved ones are temperamental. Try to be transparent, and avoid extramarital affairs as these only bring disappointments and regrets. Love, sex, a new energy for intimacy, and financial investing are favored themes for this week. Be wise and act now that luck is supporting you.


After all the heavy work of past weeks is over, finally a new energy is coming to you. You can start following a new path that is better for you and others. Being tolerant is the only way to get through disagreements. Be realistic and behave as an adult; avoid controversial people and situations that can harm your reputation. It’s not a good time to change partners or engage in extramarital affairs. Misunderstandings and mistakes, as well as moments of sudden luck and happiness are present at the beginning of the week. You also have good luck in social networking. The weekend’s light energy is good for your domestic life—garden, cook, spend quality time with the family, and give to charity. Helping others is food for the soul.


Conversations about your marriage, or contracts that need to be made are in your mind this whole week. You feel the the need to have a commitment and tie the knot. Well, as promising as it can look, it would be a decision that will take you nowhere. It’s not a good time to force others or let yourself be compromised. It’s a week with mixed aspects and situations can turn confusing. Avoid disappointments by not putting all your eggs into one basket. Not everyone has the same honorable intentions as you and appearances can be deceiving. Be conservative in money and wait for the best time to act. Don’t make decisions in haste when you feel the need to have a different way of making a living. Be open to ideas and communication. It’s a good period to go your own way—keeping your eyes open to your finances and the real intentions of others. A lighthearted energy makes the weekend good for short trips, visiting friends, social networking, and transportation.

Casa de Campo Living Horoscope


It’s time to take a break, Libra. Resentment and frustrations have overcome you, only because the balanced needed between your duties and “me” time has been broken. Take a step back and think about yourself and your own needs, and let others solve their own problems. It’s a week that brings mixed results, and you must be patient and let events unfold by themselves. Resting will be needed at the beginning of the week when you will feel tired and confused, and don’t make decisions in haste. Your domestic sphere can turn demanding, and relationships with loved ones become tense. Still, you can feel sudden moments of real understanding and bonding. Mid week is good for buying and selling, making profitable deals. Feeling luck and confident on the weekend makes it a good time for romance, lifestyle changes, charming others, hobbies, and the pleasures of living. Enjoy the enjoy, and take that risk!


Feeling the need to have an intimate bonding, and make risky investments in the name of love is on your mind this week. As intense and appealing as this all may look, it’s not a good time for those things, Scorpio. Keep your focus, and avoid the fatal attractions in your life. The week starts with mixed energies; you will feel light and cheerful at times, full of hope and energy—don’t loose faith when you must overcome hurdles to get close to that special someone. Meditate, rest, rid yourself of your pessimistic thoughts and recover your lost energy. You’ll need it soon, better times are coming. The weekend brings a wave of self confidence as luck enters your life…take advantage of this energy to reach your deepest goals. Reject drama and temperamental outbursts.


A week where the urge to make a huge investment should be well-analyzed, Sagittarius, because this is not the best time for such things. The following days will bring a change of energy where short trips, communications, paperwork and social networking take center stage. You will be busy and lucky, as well as feel good and bad all at the same time. With career projects, situations can be confusing but a resolution is in sight if you’re not rash and desperate. Midweek brings your hopes and wishes to the forefront, and you feel social, energetic and positive. Don’t step over others during this transition. Feeling tired will be normal outcome the weekend, but it’s a great time to heal, be spiritual, and avoid loud places.


Keeping your feet on the ground and been real. Don’t let others, or banalities take you away from your center. You will need all your focus and skills to take advantage of the lucky money-related energy that is coming to you. It’s not a period to procrastinate; instead, make good use of your time by getting prepared and instructed in all areas related to legal matters, international business, and school. Be patient as the beginning of the week brings mixed dealings. Feelings of frustration will subside and you’ll be able to overcome midweek’s obstacles in your career. The weekend’s light energy allows you to feel popular, energetic, and closer to your dreams. It’s a period to relax and have a good time with friends.


A week to start thinking seriously about your savings, investments, and self-restraint when it comes to wasting your hard earned cash, Aquarius. It’s a time to be more mature about your financial life. Get organized and seek professional advice, if necessary. You won’t regret it. The week’s beginning pushes you towards deep intimacy, financial changes, and permanent bonding. Don’t carry such high-expectations as this makes you pushy and forceful. Be cautious and tolerant instead when reaching solutions for international and legal matters. Make your own decisions and don’t let others interfere–even family and friends. The weekend’s energy encourages you to be effective and display your skill-set. You’ll want to impress others!


After an action packed period, your body and soul are craving for a deep rest. Even if you are still feeling social and energetic, it’s time to unwind. Your hopes and dreams have had their time to manifest in the recent weeks, as well as your powerful flirtatious energy and joie de vivre…Got enough Pisces? An awkward feeling in the relationship realm can be felt at the start of the week; you might have to confront others. In this case, being diplomatic is the key to overcoming potential hurdles. You can manage it. You crave intimacy midweek, and feel like a detective solving a mystery. Don’t force any situation regarding a financial investment, and avoid power struggles. Stay away from temptation when you have to reach an agreement with a person in a higher position than you. The weekend holds excellent and lucky energy for all regarding international travel, legal dealings, and love. Enjoy!

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