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In this first full week of December, the zodiac is filled with love. All twelve signs can find something to delight, so see what’s in store for you…


This week your optimism brings good luck and you’re in a very good mood. It’s a good time for relationships and love, planning for the future, and to be surrounded by friends. You aren’t likely to lose hope, and luck comes to you in the form of travel, education, and even fame! In the start of the week, keep your nice and mellow mood. Your relationships are excellent, as love is a matter of attitude. You may feel the need to rest in the middle of the week, but your energy returns at the end along with your social life. You feel hopeful and want to start new projects, but don’t start anything after December 15th, and don’t go giving material gifts to your sweetheart just yet. This week is good for love, receiving awaited answers from people and earning money. Don’t spend it all!


It’s a very good week for Taurus to get intimate, discover and keep secrets, and for sex. Authority figures will support your decisions, and you’ll take advantage of this lucky week in terms of finances. Your hopes and ambitions remain high. At the start of the week, you’ll want to flirt and be social, feel happy and contented, but some difficulty at the middle of the week may make you feel thwarted. Take a nap and rest, it’s what’s best for you! Keep your faith and be productive because despite it all, you will get a lot accomplished for your career. Be brave. Let your intuition guide you this weekend. Things will come easy if you keep a low profile.


Relationships take center stage this week for Gemini: make new friends and meet a good partner in love or business. You remain lucky in love and risk-taking, traveling, and socializing online. It’s also a good time to hang out with foreign people. The start of the week is wishful, but don’t set your ambitions too high. Keep your feet on the ground and avoid legal disputes. Your mojo returns during the middle of the week with feelings of happiness, popularity, and sensuality. Some hurdles push you to the edge, but you’ll be successful in your ambitions. If you need a break, take a nap and enjoy a chamomile tea.


This is a week to keep your health, which will help you tackle your chores and responsibilities. Finish the drudgery work at home. You should eat light, healthy, and exercise. Luck is on your side for solving problems at home and getting help from others. Be hopeful and go with the flow. Stick to a routine, and be nice in love. Open your eyes with legal and foreign, don’t forget to read the fine print! Try to maintain the status quo until middle of next year; don’t let your ambitions take you to the wrong places or people. Keep on planning for the future and feeling secure about your path. It’s a week to share with friends, enjoy life and gentle love. Smile.


A romantic and hopeful week for Leo, keep up your ambitions and be social. Take risks and imagine the big picture. It’s a good week for partnerships, marriage, and compromise. Remember you must try to cooperate for luck to come to you. The middle of the week sees intimate problems resolved. Don’t succumb to temptations. As you uncover mysteries these days, remain wise in the financial opportunities presented to you. Think before you speak and read the fine print. Update your medical insurance. Although you may face hurdles, the week ends with luck outcomes for relationships. Dream big and grab the opportunities.


A good week for staying in and solving problems at home. Your children and your family are the most important things for you right now. It’s a lucky week to buy a new house, tackle home repairs and chores. It’s best if you try to finish these household plans before the 15th of December. Don’t rush into anything with partners; keep your eyes open to new relationships. During the middle of the week, tune in to understanding financial matters, securities like medical insurance and surgeries. Don’t miss the opportunity for good sex and getting intimate with someone. Solve and uncover the mysteries! Pay your debts and all will work out well. It’s a good week for love, being nice and wise, understanding others, and traveling!



It’s a great week for taking short trips, and sharing time with neighbors, family and friends. Believe in true love and take risks. Enjoy your sex life. Let your romantic and charming side show, but don’t be pushy. In terms of work, stick to a routine and stay effective. Check references if you are an employer so you won’t be disappointed in the future. Avoid problematic people and remain hopeful if confrontations arise. It’s always a matter of time for issues to be resolved, so be cooperative and willing to help. In doing so, good favors come from others.


Cultivate your clients and pay attention to buying and selling as this week continues to be good in terms of money for Scorpio. Your domestic sphere remains problematic, but you a breakthrough may be near. Be wise with money and stay away from wishful thinking. In the middle of the week, triple check love and business offers because nothing is secure here until next year. Money worries can keep romance away, so do the chores and be practical, fulfilling your responsibilities and having faith. The end of the week culminates with a special relationship, don’t lose perspective of what’s important. Stay smart.


This week the Sagittarius man or woman is assertive and very good at communicating his or her ideas. Meeting new friends, making contacts and being diplomatic is a good place to start. Be a leader and finish projects in a timely manner, before December 15th. The middle of the week is for staying home and sticking to a routine. Avoid fights. Future partners may come your way. Try to cooperate with the people that want what’s best for you.


It’s a week that you must rest as much as you can. Keep a clear and balanced approach to people and life. Meditate and be spiritual – this will give you inner peace and a clearer vision for the future. Don’t be impulsive. Be wise with new contacts you meet and wait for the perfect timing of things. Blocks and hurdles frustrate you mid week, but don’t let self pity overwhelm you. Stick to your plans until half way through 2017. Your career path and goals can interfere with home life so having a balance is key. Try to rest and be nice to your sweetheart. Romance is in the air…


This week you remain energetic and optimistic. It’s a good week for being flirtatious and socializing, even meeting future mates online. Be open and sexy to new possibilities. Remember to complete your work projects before December 15th, otherwise they can lead to disappointing delays and frustrations. Stay wise with your wallet, and try to save. Don’t buy anything you cannot return. Your home is important to you this weekend – take care of the kids and your garden. Bake a pie, cook for your family, garden, and be happy.


A week for Pisces where your career and public profile take center stage! Your standing in your community is important for you right now. With self-confidence, you can move forward with your goals and plans for the future. Don’t be too hasty in decision-making. The start of the week is positive and filled with energy, but don’t be too harsh as the days progress. It’s a good period for self-healing and finding inner peace. Beneficial people for your career and reputation may come into your life. A weekend of communication awaits; visit friends and meet new acquaintances. Be open and inquisitive. A lovely surprise is on its way…