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The Casa de Campo Living Horoscope: December 25th – December 31st


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Temptations a plenty, this week it’s better to think first and act second. Indulging may be expected over holiday dinners, but when it comes to romance it’s best to take a moment and consider all the details. Don’t lock any plans for the future in stone just yet, the season of retrograde is affecting all…


Ambition, career goals, and your status are your main focuses this week, Aries, It’s a good time to make plans for the future, but do not make any final decision just yet. Given that it has been retrograde season, it’s not a good time to start new endeavors. It’s better to wait and you can change your mind. Being stubborn is not a choice this week – cooperate instead of self sabotaging. Legal matters are strongly favored for you, as is cultural events and international travel. Keep your smile bright and socialize, as it always attracts others to you. Think about your solid plans and avoid people who may harm your reputation. Sometimes it’s better to say “No.” Go ahead and feel optimistic about the future; it’s a good weekend full of joy and happiness.


A feeling of insecurity and indecision clouds your mind this week, unfortunately Taurus. It’s a normal symptom of the retrograde season – as are mistakes, delays and frustrations. It’s a good time to retrieve old projects or relationships, as well as thinking about marriage and love. Good luck aries in your sex life and financial department. Maintain transparency here and avoiding toxic people. Focus on yourself! It’s an excellent week to travel and visit foreign friends, but not a time for fights or being overly suspicious – as you may find yourself being susceptible to. Keep your cool, and enjoy the attention and popularity received when you are optimistic.


Pull back on the reins, Gemini. Look back and finish your ongoing projects instead of staring new ones…this is true until mid January. Focus yourself on your responsibilities and be respectful to your elders. Relationships from your past are very likely to resurface this week. Try to remember the good, and also the bad, nothing or no one is perfect. Check your medical insurance this week and keep an eye on your health. Avoid spicy food and exercise! Protect your bank account this week and stay away from jealous people. It’s a weekend to be relaxed and compassionate, try to understand the feelings of others.


A week for Cancer where the opportunities and relationships from the past make a new entry into your life. Don’t start anything new before January 15th, and expect ex-partners and situations you thought were really over to come back into your life. Don’t make hasty decisions regarding these, and don’t enter into a legal matter until next year. The energy of this week is light, so expect a lot of fun. Avoid commitment and stick to your stable routine. Be prepared, though, for disappointments and delays in your work. Double and triple check the opportunities and love candidates presented to you – they all come from your past and there’s a reason why they left the sphere of your life. Be wise and put your feet on the ground before you make a regretful decision. It’s a good week to take a relationship to the next level, be it love or business, but don’t compromise yourself.


It’s time to slowdown, Leo. Not everything that comes into your life right now is a good fit. Refuse to restart old relationships that gave you problems in the past – whether it’s love or business. Avoid them at all cost because they can bring a lot of problems your way. Be wise with your money and save; do not make the same mistakes as before.. if you overspend, it will all be gone in the blink of an eye. It’s a good week for love and flirting, taking time for beauty and pleasure. Let your creative inner child have fun. Avoid unethical proposals and people who could disrupt your good reputation. It’s a very good week to be around family and friends and be talkative and loving. Remember, no commitments!


Prepare for a very intense week, Virgo! It’s a time when you have to be very cautious with your home life and relationships. Don’t start new repairs at home until January 15th, and keep in mind as your past returns not all situations are good. Avoid unnecessary suspicion from your partner and behave ethically. Stay away from temptation and don’t lose what you have. Instead, bake old recipes and enjoy old family pictures. Stay home with the family and be patient and love. It’s a week full of lighthearted and playful energy. The middle of the week brings mixed astral aspects so act wisely and avoid making mistakes in romance, flirting, and gambling. Listen to your partner, they can be your best adviser. A good weekend where everything and everyone will be very intense! Be cautious of wild attractions that can harm your future. You don’t want to start the new year with a broken heart, or arm. Keep your cool, Virgo – it’s what’s best for you.

Casa de Campo Living Horoscope


A busy week for you, Libra. Short trips, errands, phone calls, it all takes center stage. You may visit your old neighborhood and people you haven’t seen in a while. The start of the week may place you around cranky people; remain calm and everything will run smoothly. Try to understand others and think before you speak. Patience is key as it’s a week where mistakes, delays, and frustrations run high. Go home mid week to enjoy time with the family and the warm energy that exudes from universe. Avoid fights with family members and stray away from controversial people. The weekend is wonderful for romance and taking risks, but don’t trust everybody – appearances can be deceiving. Look beneath the surface and investigate that way you won’t be disappointed. That old temptation that knocks on your door, may be just that… an old temptation.


A week to keep what you have, Scorpio. This talk about love and relationships, avoid starting any new project until January and save your money! Otherwise, you may be very disappointed the first few days of the new year. It’s not a time for huge investments or get back together with an ex. You will be sorry you did it and a very short period of time. Don’t get frustrated in this pull of retrograde season, keep your head between your shoulders and stay smart. The week begins on a happy note; you’re feeling powerful and popular and spending time with friends and family. Short trips and errands keep you occupied over the middle of the week. Be cooperative and compassionate – bring out the best in others instead of being overly critical. Avoid misunderstandings, remain humble, and think before you speak. It’s a weekend to stay home with family and to embrace your kids if you have them. Keep a healthy diet and avoid fried food. Don’t be tempted by unethical proposals.


Sagittarius, your main concerns this week are keeping organized and centered. Opportunities and relationships keep on coming to you, all from your past. It’s not a good time to start new projects or partnerships; that’s better saved for after mid January. What is good or bad for you is really your choice, but staying attached or returning to your past is not a good decision. In a few weeks you will be sorry; think about it beforehand. Obsession with something or someone doesn’t bring desired results. Stay away of exes! Take a needed nap and pay those old bills. Communication and short trips dominate the week; be careful with misunderstandings. All things can change so don’t make definitive decisions about love or money. The weekend is for staying sober, avoiding excess alcohol and drugs. Stay centered and avoid hurting yourself or your family.


A week when Capricorn is affected by the retrograde season. You feel optimistic and full of energy, but at the same time you really sense it’s not the time for new endeavors. Take advantage of old opportunities and relationships, but remembering to hold off on those until January 15th. The start of the week is quiet and smooth. Open your eyes and remember the good and the bad if old friends or ex lovers present themselves. Meditate and be spiritual – taking time to rest and create a balance for the year. Make plans for the future but don’t write them in stone. The retrograde period ends mid January. Be conservative and wise. You may feel insecure and indecisive – this is okay. Avoiding hasty decisions is what’s best for you. The weekend is lucky and fun, but be careful of excess alcohol and even more cautious driving.


A week when you will be thinking about all your past actions and decisions, Aquarius, and feeling very sensitive at times. You should retreat a little bit. Support from authority figures makes you happy at the beginning of the week. Keep yourself surrounded by good friends, it’s a time to be hopeful and to recover faith in humanity. Romantic relationships from the past are not an option now. Sometimes retrograde season can bring a strong feeling of frustration, but it’s temporary. The weekend turns lucky and light in the company of tried–and–true friends. Avoid unnecessary expenses and excess of all kinds.


A week to remain social and popular, Pisces. You will be in a very good mood and feeling lucky. It’s a good time to finish old projects, but don’t begin any new ones. Bring out the best in others by being cooperative and diplomatic. You will impress people with your charm and skills. Be determined to get what you want and need, but try not to repeat mistakes from the past. Major career decisions must be postponed until the ladder end of January. Triple check offers that come your way. Don’t overindulge in your flirtatious habits as it can cause you to lose some respect from your superiors. It’s a time to keep your feet on the ground, and no matter how secure you may feel, think before you speak and delay promises. The weekend is sweet and contemplative; try to keep a flexible agenda. No matter how excited you feel, when your body alerts you, just go home – you’ll feel better.

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