The Casa de Campo Living Horoscope: December 18th – December 24th

Casa de Campo Living Horoscope

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In this week’s horoscope, we return to the past. Not a time to start new ventures or relationships, luck is where we’ve already been…


It’s a good week to return to projects that have been forgotten. Rethink the career decisions (good or bad) you made months ago, or even years. It’s better not to start a make a major career or business move until the 15th of January. Stick to a routine at the beginning of the week, minding your health and not returning to bad habits. Prepare for delays and cancelled appointments, missing papers and keys. Be cautious with your belongings! The middle of the week is wonderful for relationships, but stray away from people who can harm your reputation. Think twice about new offers and maintain transparency in business and relationships. Old secrets can come out this week. A lucky and sensuous energy makes the weekend excellent for financial plans, sex, the occult, and death and rebirth.


Traveling, legal matters and love take center stage for Taurus this week. You will think about past partners, beautiful or ugly places you’ve visited, and your past legal matters. It’s very important not to begin anything new in these areas until mid January. The week is pleasurable for beauty and romance, and enjoying time with your kids or sweetheart. Take advantage of this lucky break and revisit that creative project or ex-romantic partner who may show up. Be cautious; do you think this person is the one who can make you happy? Think on it… It’s a lucky weekend full of opportunities. Look only for old friends or old deals, right now new is not lucky. Stick to a routine and be practical – tackle chores and eat healthy and exercise.


It’s a return to the past in a week full of secrets, projects, relationships and sex. Romance, finances, and the occult are all themes present this week in Gemini. Expect delays in relationships and investments – it’s important to keep what you have and be conservative. Stay home and enjoy your family; problems will be solved with patience and faith. People around you will be irritable so keep your cool, especially with authority figures. It’s wisest to be diplomatic and smart. Beauty and your social life take focus mid week, an ex is likely to resurface so be realistic and act with your feet on the ground even if it is hard. Do what’s best for you.


A week to be diplomatic, Cancer… it’s important to avoid confrontations with others. Relationships and partnerships take center stage and you must be wise enough to take advantage of this energy. Don’t start anything new these days and abruptly change your lifestyle. Be cautious if you are relocating and expect delays, misunderstandings, cancelled appointments and frustrations. Don’t make big purchases until the middle of January. The week begins with short travels, visit your neighbors and cousins. Send letters and communicate. Enjoy your home and family, bake a pie, talk to your mother and don’t be impulsive regarding relationships. Breathe and wait for the right time. Risk taking and romance fill your weekend – so be smart and enjoy. Remember everything that comes from your past is where the key of luck is.


Stick to routine and protect your health this week, Leo. Watch out for old ailments that are struggling to come back. Take natural remedies and exercise. Keep an eye on your work and pay attention to details. Misunderstandings, delays, and frustrations can cloud your judgment. The week starts with a lot of enthusiasm at work, but is very possible that you will have to do things twice, so calculate the costs twice. A sexual attraction can occupy your mind, but it may be better to say goodbye until January. An ex is a better fit. Pay your debts instead of investing in new purchases. Be conservative without making rash decisions. Clean your closets and donate to charity. Feel at ease this weekend at home with family.


A week for Virgo where romance, risk taking, beauty and pleasure are everywhere, but expect delays relating to these themes. Don’t start any new creative or romantic projects these days because everything could be over come January. Keep it light and don’t make any commitments. Put your feet on the ground because not everyone who returns from your past is good for you. You can face a lot of confrontations with an ex – that person must prove that he or she suits your life. The start of the week is energetic and good to get tackle the hurdles that have been bothering you. Be proactive and cooperative as this attitude attracts luck. Security, possessions, and money are themes to pay attention to throughout the week. Pay your credit cards and clean your records; be wise and keep your savings! It’s not a good time for shopping because there’s a high possibility of being dissatisfied with your purchase afterwards. Socialize and get together with good friends over the weekend. You’ll feel happy and content. Say thank you to others.

Casa de Campo Living Horoscope


This week Libra, garden, bake and make repairs related to the home. Keep the family together and remember to say “I love you” to your grandmother. Don’t neglect your parents and obligations, and pay respect to your elders. Don’t start renovation or landscaping projects before January 15th; instead, proceed to clean old cabinets, organize your closet, and have a garage sale for all your unwanted items! You will have a lot of work this week and you’re likely to neglect your close relationships, including love. Try to keep a balance and not create hard feelings. Communicate and explain, at least try not to create misunderstandings. The start of the week is smooth and easy, time to take a nap, meditate, and rest. Think and correct your plans for the future. Charge ahead in the middle of the week, being proactive and optimistic regarding your home sphere. You will have a lucky break here, solving problems and getting things done. Keep your money deep in your pocket over the weekend and don’t make impulse purchases. If you only need an apple, buy just one apple and not more.


Communication, short trips, education, in laws, and relationships in general are ruling the week for Scorpio. It will be wise to double and triple check your e-mails, appointments, deliveries, and phone calls since there is a high possibility of misinterpretations in these themes. Don’t start a new communication project, purchase a new car, cell phone, TV, or expensive watch before the 15th of January. Avoid frustrations and keep what you have for now…it’s only until next month! Better to wait. A lighthearted energy makes the beginning of the week good for meeting friends, socializing, and flirting. Plans for the future can change so don’t make impulsive decisions and try to keep your head clear. This is a period to revise all of your past projects and decide what is best for you. Wait a little bit to make your final decisions and you will not be disappointed. The weekend is wonderful for love but not for commitments. Keep things light and don’t take on new partners. It is better to be a Casanova these two days than to make promises!


Are you sure that you know what you have, Sagittarius? This week invites you to check your possessions – relationships and opportunities from the past can come back to you, but before making any love or business decisions, safeguard your assets. You can expect delays, disruptions and disappointments in any new relationship or project that starts now, so it’s better to wait until middle January. A good start to the week brings fortune in terms of career where your goals and wishes are within reach, but remain cautious by preparing for the unexpected. Keep a flexible agenda. Rest over the weekend and try to get things done in a quiet and peaceful way – take a walk, smell the roses, write a poem, and travel deep into your soul.


This week has mixed energies for Capricorn. No matter how energetic and proactive you feel, you just have the feeling that not everything is okay with yourself. It’s a very confusing time. This is not a good period to get plastic surgery, because you will not be happy with the results! It’s not a time to get married or sign any contracts. Don’t make these type of commitments until middle January. You are feeling insecure. Legal matters, travel, and international projects occupy the start of the week – don’t make rash decisions here. Think before you speak and listen to others. Remember that any plans you make can change so it’s good to keep an open mind and be flexible until January. The weekend posses a lighthearted energy, and this can bring a flirtatious and sensual energy your way. Stay optimistic and be proactive, uncovering mysteries and learning more about money. Being receptive and understanding is the magic key for luck these days!


A week when Aquarius starts acting and planning behind the scenes. It’s a good time for resting and meditating, but it’s probable you’ll also have to deal with hospitals, servants, and government offices. Take time for a quiet vacation in a beautiful place, be it the beach or mountains. You need solitude and to enhance your spiritual life. Your financial life looks healthy; save your money and don’t spend unnecessarily. This is a period when sudden changes can occur. The need to invest captivates you in the start of the week, but you must remember that new actions regarding these themes are not advised. The same goes for new love and intimate relationships. Keep a happy face on and be understanding, cooperating with others and going with the flow. If you want to talk to authority figures and ask for a raise or to be recognized, wait for this wonderful week wherein you will be very, very lucky. Remind yourself that luck is in your past and not new ventures!


This is a week to be social Pisces. Go around with your old pals and be flirtatious. Keep a light approach and avoid starting anything new regarding your goals and wishes until middle of January. In this period, you will need the help of others so be cooperative with your teammates instead of acting alone. The week starts with interacting with different types of people, so think before you speak and be flexible. Look for the deep and uncover secrets over the course of the middle of the week. Let your intuition guide you. It’s best to investigate what is keeping you unsettled this week. It’s a time of mixed energy for sex and money. Expect romantic and business partners to resurface in your life; watch your reputation because appearances can be deceiving. Get ready for a lucky weekend of love and good wishes.

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