The Casa de Campo Living Horoscope: December 11th – December 17th

Casa de Campo Living Horoscope

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Remaining wise will keep a good head on your shoulders this week. Check out the forecast below for everything you need to know about project-planning, social interactions, and falling in love.


Luck and love is all around this week for Aries. It’s also a good week for understanding others, and dealing with international matters. Keep faith and work hard with your coworkers. Others may feel a strong attraction to you, so make the best of this astral influence and enjoy the good energy. Go out and have a good time! Love is in the air, but don’t mix money with love or friendship. Chase true love, and enjoy time with the family and kids!


Taurus starts the week being secretive, and trying to solve hidden problems, especially at the office. Keep away from gossip and jealous coworkers. This is a week that you will have to work hard to impress authority figures. Be patient if you don’t see immediate results in your efforts this week. Make big purchases before December 15th, because after this date everything becomes a little slow and confusing. Act now. Your friends are your allies this week. The week begins with luck in money and shopping, but try to save. Keep yourself organized on Wednesday, and don’t waste the day. It’s good for accomplishing paperwork. You’ll have a strong desire to be at home this weekend – it’s good for staying with family, having a BBQ, and showing your loved ones how much you care.


Gemini, make sure to compromise this week. You can declare your love, or vice versa, but stay affectionate to the people who surround you. The astral aspects strongly favor international travel and meeting new friends. Stray away from starting big projects that you cannot finish before December 15th. It’s a great week for love and risk-taking, and outstanding results are possible. Be patient and not pushy! Listen to other’s proposals and open your eyes to new opportunities. Wednesday is the luckiest day of the week, so be agile and take advantage of it – especially in terms of romance. Remember to smile… It’s a lucky weekend!


This week place emphasis on work, health, and daily routines. Keep yourself strong and eat healthy. Any joint venture you plan on starting should be triple checked this week, as differences of opinions arise with your future business partner. Circumstances can change, but no hard feelings are done. It’s only life, don’t take it personal. It’s a week for gentle love and keeping calm. Rest well and make plans for the future. Be wise with your expenses. Wednesday is lucky in making new contacts and being energetic and approachable. Keep on a good face with problems at work. Go shopping this weekend, but watch your spending. These are days to buy practical and worthy things, being wise with your money attracts luck!


It’s a week for relationships for Leo; a mood change will bring harmony into your love life, and tensions will lessen. After confronting intense and bitter relationships for the past two weeks, you can start a time of understanding and commitment. It’s time to heal, Leo. Put aside the small differences and try dialogue – it’s what’s best. Cooperation is best maintained when you remain clam and understanding. This paves a way for true love. Temptation comes in the middle of the week, so get some rest and meditate. You must be clear about who you want in your life, especially as the magnetic weekend brings many suitors. It’s not a time to begin new projects. Keep your feet on the ground for luck and stability.


Everything relating to home affairs take center stage for Virgo this week. It’s a time to make repairs, garden, bake, and reinforce security. Don’t start any big landscaping projects that cannot be finished in a few days time. It’s a good week to clean your closets and donate to charity, keeping only what’s really important. Let fresh air into the home; it will be constructive and useful energy. It’s a lucky week to make wise investments in property. Problems from others will not take away your happiness midweek; keep your optimism levels high. Since you feel popular and confident, it’s a good time for socializing. The weekend is for rest and meditation, remembering your future plans and being grateful. Be compassionate to others and heal those old wounds affecting your family.

Casa de Campo Living Horoscope


Communication, short trips, and visiting in-laws or neighbors is what’s in store for you this week, Libra. The intensity of last week fades and gentle love comes your way. Be sweet to others and keep your faith. Smile to attract love and luck this week. Agreements and outstanding outcomes are likely, and it’s a time to be creative and take risks. Socialize and take proposals with a happy face; problems will be solved. A happy mood arrives on the weekend. It’s a good time to be optimistic about love and share a good time with friends. Don’t worry, be happy!


A week where money matters cloud the head of Scorpio, money will come from different sources, and the way you deal with these matters will determine your balance. It’s a very good week for shopping, but be wise with your finances and try do your best with it. The start of the week can bring mixed aspects regarding your home, not everything is clear, and not everyone is happy. Avoid harsh words and keep a friendly approach. It’s what’s best for you and for people to cooperate and help you. No hurdles exist in relation to travel and education; go after your hopes and wishes this weekend. Charge ahead, but don’t be over ambitious!


This week Sagittarius remains very magnetic and assertive. Keep your eyes open and feet on the ground; try to keep your cool as authority figures become disappointed in you if you say or do something deceitful. Making a lot of contacts brings you close to love, and your potential suitors are likely in your group of friends or frequent acquaintances. Think about the consequences in affairs regarding sex and finances. Luck is strong, but think before you speak. It’s a good weekend for love and travel, making decisions, and being wise and mature. Remain approachable and your proposals will be heard.


This week brings calm and rest for Capricorn. It’s best for taking advantage of these peaceful and easy days for recharging you batteries and meditating. Think about the future, your earnings, and your spending. Try to complete any projects you have started this week. Plan everything well to stay lucky with money. The start of the week is not good for buying expensive items, be thrifty! Be diplomatic in all of your relationships because people can be very sensitive and become offended quite easily this week. Do not make any promises until the beginning of January!


Keep on celebrating, Aquarius! Right now you are magnetic, popular and optimistic. Keep on going after your goals and wishes because they can come true. Be affectionate, social, and kind to others as you can find romantic opportunities. Avoid harsh words and fights, because whatever happens will end well. It’s a week to be creative and take risks, as well as flirt, socialize, and fall in love. Tackling chores and sticking to a routine early in the week helps to overcome hurdles. The weekend is for love, romance, partnerships and grabbing opportunities presented!


The most important things for you this week are your career, reputation, and social standing in your community. Maintaining self respect and pride will bring you the support you’re looking for. You should be very attentive and aware of things happening around you. Finish all the projects you’ve started before the 15th of December, because after this things take a turn. You may face interminable delays. Awaiting the next project is best for next year. Being home with your spouse and children brings joy midweek, and avoiding fights and being cooperative is what’s best. Although not everything is perfect, try to understand others and be receptive, especially in terms of romance.

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