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Casa de Campo inaugurates a new “Petting Zoo” at the Equestrian Center

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As part of the new activities promoting entertainment and healthy outdoors fun, Casa de Campo Resort recently opened a new Petting Zoo. The mini-farm located in the facilities of the Equestrian Center has a wide variety of domestic animals ready to be pampered by its visitors.

This new project was conceived by Fernando Arata, director of Casa de Campo Polo Club, and his sons Silvestre and Florencio, as a form of entertainment during the quarantine caused by Covid-19. However, the idea has transcended and is now open to all the public who visit the resort facilities.

At the Casa de Campo Petting Zoo, you can find turtles, chickens, roosters, donkeys, goats, pigs, sheep, ponies, and rabbits. The administration has plans to include other animals as well in the near future.

There are many benefits to your kids when you take them to a petting zoo. One of the first benefits is that they can get to see the different kinds of animals first hand, it’s also a fun, educational activity and will be a lasting childhood memory. Your kids will love playing with the gentle and sweet petting zoo animals and will learn many important lessons from them while they’re at it!

Visiting a petting Petting zoo is a great outdoor activity where you and your children will be able to enjoy the fresh air whilst at the same time interact with new animals and learn all about their unique behaviors. Kids will learn about compassion and courage as they interact with the various animals and it is a hands-on activity that involves almost all the senses. It’s the perfect family activity to do in Casa!

All visits must be first coordinated at the Equestrian Center office, contacts below. It is important that everyone who visits the petting zoo adheres to the health and safety protocols imposed by the resort, such as the use of masks and physical distancing.

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