Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa Polo

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Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa PoloThe 11th annual Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa continued yesterday Thursday March 26th with exciting games between HOLA! and La Carbuccia, followed by Marat Legal Lopera vs. La Garcia. And as the competition heats up, we’re excited to announce an additinal event to the line-up of activities surrounding the Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa, the Dominican Republic’s most prestigious polo tournament. Next Thursday April 2nd, you are cordially invited to the Sunset Jazz Night hosted by the Azimut Café with a complimentary toast with Veuve Clicquot and Chivas 18. This elegant gathering will serve as a pre-celebration for the finals taking place from 11am to 6pm on Saturday April 4th. And now it’s time to hear from the King of Casa de Campo polo, Calixto García-Vélez, otherwise known as the Director of Polo.

Hola vs. La Carbuccia

Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa Polo 1 Day two of the Semana Santa Cup started off with Team Hola‘s first match vs a very aggressive La Carbuccia team. This game provided spectators with thrills and spills as players were crashing and falling the whole match. Jesus Arredondo earned the best spill award as his horse rolled over him twice as the crowed gasped in amazement. Incredibly no one was injured as the field-side ambulance made three different trips to the field. La Carbuccia took an early lead but Hola regrouped and tied the match going into the last chukker. It was a family affair as brothers Enrique Zorilla (Hola) and Zenon Zorilla (Carbuccia) battled each other in an extremely physical match. Both brothers sank some crucial and impressive foul shots from all over the field. In the end the horses decided the outcome as La Carbuccia had a slight edge in that department. On this note; in the fith chukker Enrique Zorilla came out on CR #349 “La Guagua” and his brother Zenon on CR #5 “Halcon” both horses I used to play and the players in the stands were betting on which was fastest. We had to call it a tie… but it was cool to see the players knowledge of other team’s horses. La Carbuccia came out the winner 9-8 and now holds on to a 2-0 record as Hola falls to 0-1 and needs to win the rest of their matches for a chance in the final…

Marat Legal Lopera vs. La Garcia

Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa Polo 2 The second match of the day featured the home team Marat Legal Lopera vs. the Santo Domingo team of La Garcia. If the first match was exciting these guys took it to a whole new level. Incredible goals were scored from all corners of the field as the two Garcia brothers Rafa and “R” were like human tornadoes tearing up and down the field. Passions ran high in this match as players let their “Latin Tempers” get the best of them at times resulting in a few technicals called. The man of the match and the tournament so far was Santiago Loza. Santiago completely controlled the middle of the field playing intelligently and keeping his cool as others around him could not. Marat Legal Lopera fought with everything they had as it was a do or die match for them already with one loss, but in the end careless fouls were committed sealing their fate. Santiago Loza was the high scorer of the match with seven goals and a well deserved title of MVP. La Garcia won the match 12-9 and rumbles on with a 2-0 record as Marat Legal Lopera now falls to 0-2 and needing some luck to make the finals. We hope to see everyone at the matches on Saturday for some fun tail-gating and great polo action.

Polo tournament: Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa

The Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa polo tournament will be played between Tuesday the 24th of March and Saturday April 4th, with games taken place according to the following schedule: Tuesday March 24th

2:30pm: Marat Legal Lopera vs. La Carbuccia Winner: La Carbuccia 9-7

4:30pm: La Garcia vs. Lechuza CTE Winner: Lechuza CTE 8-2

Thursday March 26th

2:30pm: La Carbuccia vs. Hola Winner: La Carbuccia 9-8

4:30pm: La Garcia vs Marat Legal Lopera Winner: La Garcia 12-9

Saturday March 28th

2:30pm: Lechuza CTE vs. Marat Legal Lopera

4:30pm: La Garcia vs. Hola

Tuesday March 31st

2:30pm: Hola vs. Lechuza CTE

4:30pm: La Garcia vs. La Carbuccia

Thursday April 2nd

2:30pm: Hola vs. Marat Legal Lopera

4:30pm: La Carbuccia vs. Lechuza CTE

Saturday April 4th

4pm: High goal final – best 2 records