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The Casa de Campo Resort celebrated the graduation of a specialized technical course on Manager Chef for its staff that took place in conjunction with the Institute for Professional Technical Training (INFOTEP).

A total of 17 participants received the special qualification, becoming the first graduates to be trained under this modality in the country.

The graduation ceremony took place at the Marina Riverside Center, the complex’s new convention center located in La Marina de Casa de Campo, in La Romana.

The event was headed by Mr. Rafael Santos, General Director of INFOTEP; Eladio Uribe, General Director of Corporate Human Resources at Central Romana, among other executives from Casa de Campo and INFOTEP.

The Diploma specialized technical course on Manager Chef, whose professional modules were created especially for the needs of Casa de Campo, began as an in-person modality over a year before the pandemic and then continued online with some semi-face-to-face practices.

“The training of our collaborators is essential to maintain the high quality of service that only a resort such as Casa de Campo can offer, the most important tourist destination in the country and one of the most recognized worldwide in the Caribbean region” highlighted Eladio Uribe during the ceremony.

Among the modalities given in the diploma course were Molecular Cooking, Fusion Cooking, Vacuum Cooking, Enology and Pairing, Administrative Management of Costs and Supply, Service and Quality in Food Processes, among other trainings.

The INFOTEP-Casa de Campo alliance has made it possible to carry out various programs designed exclusively for the tourist resort, managing to guarantee the quality of the human personnel in the different service areas of the hotel.