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Since 2002 Banco del Progreso and Casa de Campo have had a co-branding agreement to provide owners of villas and apartments an exclusive co-branded Casa de Campo Platinum (‘Platino’) American Express – the ONLY American Express Card to be co-branded with a destination / resort.

The flexibility and convenience of the Casa de Campo ‘Platino’ complement the way in which your accounts are handled by Costasur and Casa de Campo, facilitating the payment of your property’s utilities such as electricity, cable, gas, etc.. By using the card, you automatically accumulate points for the Loyalty Program or obtain discounts on boutiques, restaurants and shops in the Casa de Campo Marina or in Altos de Chavón and obviously recognition as an American Express member.

Making the card ever more valuable, holders will receive instant discounts at the following establishments:

  • Limoncello (Marina Casa de Campo) 10% Discountcdc_logo
  • La Casita (Marina Casa de Campo) 10% Discount
  • Mediterranean (Marina Casa de Campo) 10% Discount
  • Bib Leon (Marina Casa de Campo) 10% Discount
  • Jenny Polanco (Marina Casa de Campo) 10% Discount
  • Art Arena (Marina Casa de Campo) 10% Discount
  • Kiwi (Marina Casa de Campo) 10% Discount
  • Villebrequin (Marina Casa de Campo) 10% Discount
  • Conchita Llach (Marina Casa de Campo) 10% Discount
  • Walmarie (Marina Casa de Campo) 10% Discount
  • Harmont / Blaine  (Marina Casa de Campo) 5% Discount

NOTE: If you know of any other establishments offering discounts, please let us know!

The card connects the two world-recognized global brands; Casa de Campo and American Express, offering to a select group of people security, exclusivity and prestige which these two brands are famous for. As you can imagine, these two global brands working together to bring to Casa de Campo villa owners the power and privilege of a one-of-a-kind co-branded card, is something very special indeed, and not something that is open to just anyone.

In addition to Casa de Campo Villa Owner centric specials and conveniences, the Casa de Campo ‘Platino’ American Express Card carries along with it a full set of American Express benefits, as detailed below:

The Casa de Campo American Express Card offers members the following benefits:

  • No Card Fees.
  • 24 Months in pesos financing and 12 months in dollars.
  • Deferred Credit.
  • Cash Access Proaccesso ATMs
  • Local and International Use
  • Lost and Stolen Card Protection
  • 24 hour service
  • Promotions with major shops 365 days a year

Additionally, cardholders also benefit by receiving:

Travel Insurance: Free accident insurance for the main card holder , on public transport, when the purchase of the travel tickets has been charged to the American Express card. Coverage is US $ 500,000.00.

Inconvenience Travel Insurance: If your flight is delayed by up to 4 hours US$200, if your baggage  takes more than 24 hours US$200, missed flight connection or flight cancelled US $ 200, lost baggage US$1,000.

Emergency Cash: Money withdrawal from any Banco del Progreso as well as more than 2200 American Express Travel Offices around the world, in more than 140 countries.

Emergency Assistance: Emergency medical or legal assistance to the card holder and the card holder’s family, when traveling around the world. Valid on all trips; business or pleasure. The service is available 24 hours day, 365 days a year.

Replacement of Emergency card: Replacement cards will generally be received within 48 hour, regardless of where in the world it was lost/stolen.

Retail protection Program: insures all items purchased with the card for 90 days, for theft or damage, limit of up to US $1,000.00 per claim, and maximum of US$5,000 per year.

Damage insurance by collision (CDW): Collision damage insurance covered, up to $50,000 for car rentals. This insurance will be covered by the American Express card only if the payment for the rental was paid using the card

Premium Concierge – this service helps you with all your travel and business needs, covering the following points:
• Information about cultural attractions and events.
• Reservations assistance in restaurants, hotels and theatres.
• Ticket purchase for theatres, concerts and events sports.
• Secretarial assistance, conferences, cellular and rental facilities
• Coordination of rental vehicles, limousines or taxi services
• Tracking of lost items, shipping braces as well as localization
• Assistance with quoting prices for selected items

Annual summary of charges: this service helps with your financial planning and tax claims, providing a summary of all transactions. At the beginning of each year, you will receive a personal report detailing charges billed to your account during the previous year. For easier reference, these charges are sorted by month and categories such as: airlines, goods, restaurants, hotels, among others.

When you pay with your Casa de Campo Platino de American Express you will receive instant discounts at the following establishments:
• Restaurants: Limoncello and La Casita: 10 % discount
• Boutiques or stores: Mediterranean, Bibi Leon, Jenny Polanco, Art Arena, Kiwi, Vilebrequin: 10 % discount and Harmont / Blaine 5 % discount
• Jewelers : Conchita Llach 10 % discount
• Pharmacies : Walmarie 10 % discount

For more information on this service, call the customer and claims management Department in the Dominican,Republic 809-227-3182 and 1-809-200-3182 phones from the within the Dominican Republic without charges, or visit your local Progreso Bank branch, conveniently located at the Marina Casa de Campo.