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Last Saturday the 27th of February the Marina Casa de Campo was in CARNAVAL – the event organised by us, Casa de Campo Living, called ‘CARNAVAL IN CASA’ was a Carnaval and street fair extravaganza.

The party, which started at 7pm with the arrival of a Carnaval Comparsa from La Romana brought hundreds of Casa de Campo residents, visitors and families flocking to the Marina to take part.

As part of the festivities everyone was invited to attend in CARNAVAL costume for fun and to compete in our carnaval costume contest.

The winners of our FIRST prize was without contest ‘The Lamparas,‘ who won a half-day boat trip to Oscar de La Renta’s beach with local drinks included, donated by Marine Trader Services. The Marine Trader Services provide extensive services for everything you would ever need in the Marina – from boat sales and rentals to port booking and provisioning to car rentals and even private jets. Visit their website to find out more:

Members of the winning comparsa were: Patricia Proaño, Ivonna Sosa, Gricelle Lahoz de Olivo, Adriadna Torres, Amelia Pereyra and Fatima Torres.

CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!! I hope you will take plenty of photos of your trip and share your experience with us!

The costume contest runner-up prize is: 2 x a deep conditioning hair treatment, wash and blow dry at the Amadeus Salon in the Marina Casa de Campo.

However at the moment we do not have a runner-up winner!

These are our finalists:

1. Mery and Angela – both dressed as very sexy sequined Carnaval ladies

2. Erika Villain dressed in traditional Dominican Diable Cajuelo outfit. Here is is posing with a group of friends:

3. Emanuela Giovannetti – pictured below in the purple wig and funky glasses.

4. Camila Moreno Fico, daughter of Rosabla Fico, dressed as a beautiful little mermaid – although the mermaid herself may not appreciate a hair dressing appointment as a prize, maybe mum would….

5. Matilde Martin – the cutest little ballerina I ever saw!