Polo Challenge 2016 RD Caribbean Open

Polo Challenge rolled out its first 26-goal game – and it was a hit; a ferocious game between two tremendous teams. Cinque Terre, Gold Cup finalists, pumped up by the addition of the versatile Ambroggio, faced Los Establos, with two Toccalino brothers and Cubi’s long term teammate, Ale Muzzio.

Los Establos set the pace immediately and Santi Toccalino, the team’s Back, was able to score two and his brother, one.

Nacho Novillo replied with a field goal and a penalty in the second chukka. Two more goals from Los Establos went unanswered until halfway through the fourth when Laprida managed to steal one. Nacho Novillo scraped things back to 6-4 in the fifth and 6-5 in the last, but Ale Muzzio stepped into the frame with his first goal. In the last moments of the game, Enrique Bonetti flew across the field to dash any hopes that Cinque might have had of winning this first game.

MVP: Santi Toccalino.

In other results, Lechuza defeated Agualinda 8-6.

Photos by Matías Callejo.

Caribbean Open Schedule


Thursday, March 24th

Lechuza vs. Cinque Terre 4:30 pm Casa de Campo #3

Los Establos vs. Aqualinda 4:30 pm Lechuza Caracus RD #1

The Finals are Saturday, March 26th!!