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It is widely recognized that Casa de Campo is known for its luxury and amenities offered to visitors and residents, but also for the lush surrounding nature that includes not only beaches and golf courses but also the Chavón River.

The Chavón River is a highly significant tributary for the Dominican Republic, particularly for the East region. Its waters flow through three provinces of the country: El Seibo, La Altagracia, and La Romana, where it meets the Caribbean Sea, right at the Marina of Casa de Campo.

The beauty of the majestic Chavón River is admired in many ways by anyone who visits Casa de Campo. It can be appreciated from elevated vantage points, such as the railings of the cultural center at Altos de Chavón, or by navigating its tranquil waters.

But did you know that there is a new way to explore and experience the natural beauty of this river resource? Let us explain. It’s an excursion where interested individuals can pilot their own catboat (motorized catamaran) alongside a companion on a guided tour of its waters.

Nathanael Jakouloff, managing partner of Fun Cat Caribe showing two catboats on the Chavón River.

In this thrilling adventure, those interested can become “captains” as they navigate the catboat themselves during the journey.

This innovative experience is made possible by the Fun Cat Caribe team, who have been offering this adventure for all those interested in exploring the Chavón River in a fun and unique way since last June.

These small motorized catamarans with space for two people are a type of vessel manufactured in Florida specifically for this type of navigation, making it easy for any adult to operate. However, before starting the experience, participants receive a brief training on its operation and safety from the Fun Cat Caribe team.

Nathanael Jakouloff, managing partner of Fun Cat Caribe, mentioned that the inspiration for this type of excursion came from others he had seen in Orlando, Florida, on rivers with similar characteristics to those of the Chavón.

This excursion is unique in the country, as it is the first time this type of vessel has been brought to the country for river navigation.


The journey extends from the Marina of Casa de Campo to the Chavón River dam. During the excursion, you can appreciate the surrounding nature of this magnificent river, which offers excellent opportunities to capture photographs of its imposing cliff covered in tropical vegetation and observe the wildlife of the area.

Village weaver bird on a branch in the mangroves of Chavón River.

Throughout the journey, the guides from Fun Cat Caribe provide some important information about this tributary, as well as highlighting various points of interest such as the famous stairs of Altos de Chavón; the mangroves inhabited by Village weaver, yellow and black weaverbirds known for their noisy chatter; and they also point out the locations where several Hollywood movies are rumored to have been filmed, including Anaconda I, Rambo II, and King Kong.


Reservations for this wonderful experience should be made through the Concierge department of Casa de Campo Hotel, by calling the phone numbers 809-523-3333 Ext: 3165 or 3166, or by email at

Departure times are 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 1:30 and 3:30 PM. The tour lasts an hour and a half.

The cost is $115 per adult and $75 per child aged 6-14 years. It includes refreshments and water during the tour.

The following photographs were taken by Mairobi Herrera.