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Cándida Montilla de Medina steps out for her first public engagement in Casa de Campo as wife of presidential candidate, Danilo Medina Sánchez

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On Thursday the 2nd of February, Cándida Montilla de Medina, wife of presidential candidate, Danilo Medina Sánchez made her first public appearance in Casa de Campo at an exclusive “tea party” hosted at a private Casa de Campo villa by Patricia Proaño, with special guest, Amarilis Santana, the senator of La Romana. 

casa de campo villaPatricia Proaño, who has lived and worked in Casa de Campo for most of her life, hosted the event in honor of Cándida Montilla de Medina, so that Cándida, who aspires to be the next first lady of the Dominican Republic may meet and get to know the ladies and social life of Casa de Campo, one of the Dominican Republic’s most affluent societies.

Held at one of Casa de Campo’s most beautiful villas, Costa Verde #1, a modern villa, designed and styled by Casa de Campo villa owner, Maria Elmufdi, guests enjoyed a range of refreshing cocktails such as lemon with mint and grapefruit with ginger, whilst admiring the most beautiful view of the Caribbean ocean across hole #8 of the Teeth of the Dog golf course and waiting for Cándida Montilla de Medina to make her entrance.

Patricia Proaño (center) welcomes her guests to “una Tarde de Té” 
casa de campo villa

Regardless of political affiliations, when Cándida Montilla de Medina arrived and was escorted around the event by elegant and poised hostess, Patricia Proaño, she was welcomed into the Casa de Campo community with many affectionate wishes and warm smiles. For all, it was an absolute pleasure to meet this hopeful future first lady of the Dominican Republic, who was courteous, kind, sophisticated, as well as being very well spoken and clearly very well educated.

candida medina

Once Cándida had personally greeted everyone in attendance, despite a small technical hiccup, Patricia Proaño introduced and welcomed the guest of honor, who then took center stage to first of all welcome and thank everyone for their cordial greeting, but also taking the opportunity to speak a little of her plans for the Dominican Republic, should her husband, Danilo Medina Sánchez be voted in as President of the Dominican Republic this coming May.

“As the first lady of the Dominican Republic I plan to focus on education and working with women.”  —— Cándida Montilla de Medina

Following her short, well-delivered speech, Cándida relaxed with the guests, happy to answer questions about her husband’s presidential campaign and intentions for the Dominican Republic.

Here hostess of this event, Patricia Proaño answers a few questions…..

candida medina casa de campo

How do you know Cándida Montilla de Medina and her husband Danilo Medina? 
Patricia: My husband, Alfredo Alonzo works very close to Danilo Medina, but I don’t know him that well. I have only recently met Mrs. Candy Medina and immediately made a connection with her. She is a very easy going and down to earth person. That is why I wanted to bring her to Casa de Campo to meet our community. I knew she would be liked by everyone.

How did it feel to host this important event?
Patricia: I feel very honored that I was able to host such event and to have such great turnout and support.

The following photos were contributed by Patricia:

About the presidential elections in the Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic’s presidential elections are taking place on Sunday May 16th, following which the successful candidate will take over the presidency from current President Leonel Fernandez in August.  The primary presidential candidates are:
• Danilo Medina Sánchez, running for the “Partido de la Liberación Dominicana” (Dominican Liberation party) the same political party as the current President Leonel Fernández
• Hipolito Mejia, running for the “Partido Revolucionario Dominicano” (Dominican Revolutionary party) and who was elected President in 2000, for a period of 4 years.

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