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Cañaveral welcomes Cinco!

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La Romana’s eccentric food park, Cañaveral, located in the heart of town, hasn’t slowed down since its opening in December… in fact, it has continued growing at a rapid pace, adding additions left and right, constantly improving and innovating. This past weekend, they added the first dessert place into the mix, Cinco ice cream! If you haven’t been to Cañaveral yet, here’s a rundown, and all the reasons why going should be at the top of your to do list this weekend!

Cañaveral is unlike any place in Casa de Campo, in the city of La Romana, or in the country for that matter. Walking in, you are immediately greeted with bright, colorful lights, vibrant music, and a plethora of gastronomic variety to choose from. Inside the park, you are presented with six different mini restaurants, each offering their own menu and neither one similar to another. No expenses were spared ensuring that whatever your pallet, whatever your craving, you will find it at Cañaveral. In the mood for sushi, spring rolls or low mein? You’ll find that at Chinois. Feeling more like a burrito or taco? Stop by La Mexicana. Dying for a thick, cheesy burger? Oveja Negra is your place. Craving ribs and wings? Hit up the Grille. Need a pizza? Soprano’s got you covered. Looking for the perfect BBQ sandwich? Kansas City will keep you coming back for more. And now, as of this past weekend, you can enjoy a cool ice cream on warm evenings from Cinco with all kinds of toppings, giving you the chance to create your own chilly masterpiece!

Cinco is easily the best ice cream available, and Cañaverals owner, Jan Michael Giha, never settles for less than the best. Cinco offers Italian artisan gelato, with a variety of flavors and toppings. They have rich chocolate and vanilla and crazy combination flavors like Snickers bar gelato. You can top it with melted marshmallows, gummy bears, or even a banana sauce! Talk about a chilly delite! As is the Cañaveral way, Cinco offers variety, with the goal of pleasing each and every appetite.

Cañaveral is continuing to grow, with one thing in mind: customer satisfaction. In the short few months that it has been open, Cañaveral has created a strong and loyal customer base with people coming back each weekend to indulge in a new favorite, or to try something new. This weekend, head over to Cañaveral, grab a drink at the original bar, Zafra, and treat yourself to gourmet treats at affordable prices in a great atmosphere!

*Pictures taken by Laura Perdomo and Jesús Rodríguez and from Cinco Facebook

Cañaveral Food Park

Where: Calle Altagracia #15, La Romana

When: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6 pm

Social media: Facebook Cañaveral Food Park   Instagram @canaveralfoodpark

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