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Eating is one of the great pleasures of life  – who does not like to enjoy a good meal either alone, with our partner, with friends or family, and even more if it is in a good environment! Why not take a trip with friends to enjoy oriental cuisine, Italian cuisine and more, accompanied by a good drink, and best of all, you do not have to leave La Romana!

As we say in the Dominican Republic “Good things must be shared” – in Cañaveral you have a numerous of options to choose from, accompanied by good music, an excellent atmosphere, and it is perfect to clear your mind after a long week of work. Inside the park you will find six restaurants, an ice cream parlor and a bar, each offering its own menu, you can try just one, share or go on a “gastronomic tour”!

Meat lovers can enjoy one of the incredible creations of Oveja Negra with its juicy burgers with cheese or cross over to The Grill and choose from one of their premium cuts of meat  its baby ribs, chicken wings, steak, hot dog and more!

Right next to The Grill is Soprano Trattoria, with a wide variety of Italian cuisine from pizzas, calzones, envoltinis, appetizers, its delicious bread “rotolo lala”, and finally you can choose one of its delicious desserts, we recommend the Mamma’s pudding, but feel free to order anything else!

And from Italy we cross the great ocean to Mexico! At La Mexicana you will enjoy the authentic flavor of Mexico, nachos, fluatas, tacos, burritos and more. Every week they have new options such as their traditional “tinga” cakes de pollo or cochinita pibil, they will make your mouth water!

If you love oriental cuisine and you fancy some sushi, spring rolls or lo mein you can stop by Chino Street Food: Chinois Asian fusion street food. Or if you prefer to try something different stop in Uzbek a restaurant inspired by the past of a country located on the Silk Road, which combines influences from the Far East of the planet, the nomadic culture, the Mongols and the Turks, and that finally adds the imperial Russian influence to this gastronomy. If you have not yet tried their menu they have a rich variety of homemade sausages, baked empanadas, sandwich and crepes.

And since we are in summer, end the night on a refreshing note with a rich ice cream of Cinco with a delicious selection of Italian gelato that is great for this summer heat. Who does not crave a “cinco”, crepes, ice cream cakes or even milkshakes.

And between so much food do not forget to complement your dishes with a good drink! Enjoy some classic cocktails such as their variety of mojitos, margaritas, or caipirinha as well as some very original and exquisite created especially by Zafra who every month brings us a new drink to enjoy … This month’s name is “Emanuela” a cocktail based on fresh pepper, basil, pineapple juice, lemon, white tequila and reposado. You have a few days left a month so do not stop trying!

Another weekend is approaching, which means another opportunity to try all the new things that Cañaveral has and to be able to take this tour of the world without leaving La Romana!

Cañaveral Food Park

Where: Calle Altagracia #15, La Romana

When: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6 pm

Social media: Facebook Cañaveral Food Park   Instagram @canaveralfoodpark