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On Friday, August 4th, the summer camp for vulnerable children and adolescents of the eastern region of the country, Camp Hope and Joy completed its 2017 edition. Organized for the past three years by the Clínica de Familia La Romana, the camp is a safe and happy environment where children receive support, love, affection and respect from a delicately selected team who also make donations and special contributions to the camp. Each year, campers perform various activities such as painting, sports, community work, songs, dramas, games and crafts, wherein the purpose is to strengthen their skills and self-confidence in order to have a prosperous and healthy life.

Seventy-seven campers participated in the Jarabacoa camp this year under the motto “I am a Hero”. For the closing event, the camp featured a wonderful talent show where campers and staff dressed up as their favorite superheroes and demonstrated their best superpowers in acting, dancing, and singing. When campers speak of their experiences at camp they radiate excitement. With their energy and joy, it is difficult to imagine that they live in many precarious and complex family environments. Upon returning from camp, campers gave emotional testimonies about how important the camp has been in their lives. One of the campers commented, “This year we were able to be superheroes and live the experience and enjoy a wonderful environment, being protagonists of our own adventures, working as a team, and being ‘Super Hope and Super Joy.’” The camper is already anxious to relive another great experience at Camp Hope and Joy 2018!

Thanks to the work of the fundraising department and the promotional campaigns, this year we could almost triple the amount collected the previous year! This fills us with satisfaction since each year, little by little, a greater number of people and sponsors, both local and international, are involved with the celebration of this activity, and made aware of the importance and need for our children and adolescents to attend Camp Hope and Joy.


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