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Child? Camp Frost? Cocktail? All checked! The worry-free beach day!!

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Are your kids in need of a play date? Camp Frost at Playa Minitas is still up and running on Saturdays and is a great weekend option for kids to extoll some excess energy!

They’ll happily run around in the sand, splash in the cool water, and slide down inflatable water slides. With plenty of friends and an amazing staff, you’ll feel free to kick back, relax and enjoy a cocktail as you look on from a distance. Just last weekend we passed by and watched as young ones filled up buckets of sand with plastic shovels, built sand castles and looked for shells on the beach. In the past they’ve also play “duck, duck goose, tug of war, and beach games with toys.


For just $500 pesos, you can let the kids lose at Camp Frost from 11am-4pm and enjoy some free time to yourself, or join in on the fun! Kids won’t say no to this kind of day-camp, instead they’ll be begging for it, “Mom, can we go to the beach???” You won’t even have to think about your response..

Enjoy the sun, sand, and smiling faces!


Camp Frost at Playa Minitas

When: Every Saturday, 11 a.m.- 4p.m.

Where: Playa Minitas, Casa de Campo

Fee: RD $500

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