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Unveiling the mystery behind the Casa de Campo neighborhood names

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cacique_casa_de_campoCasa de Campo’s neighborhoods have all kinds of odd Spanish names, and not everyone speaks the language – so here’s a lightning quick run-through of what those odd Los’es and Punta’s mean. 

(This list won’t be including ones named after sports, such as Golf and Polo.)

  • Jardin Minitas Casa de CampoCajuiles – Cashews
  • Punta Aguila – Eagle Point
  • Punta Minitas – Minitas Point
  • Vivero – Nursery, a place where plants and trees are grown for landscaping purposes.
  • Cacique – Cacique, name given to the pre-Colombian leaders of Taino societies in the Dominican Republic.
  • Costaverde – Green Coast
  • Costamar – Sea Coast
  • El Molino – The Mill
  • Barranca – Gully or bank (as in riverbank)
  • Las Cañas – The Sugar canes
  • Las Cerezas – The Cherries
  • Los Naranjos – The Oranges
  • Los Limones – The Lemons
  • Los Lagos – The Lakes
  • Los Mangos – The Mangos
  • Los Tamarindos – The Tamarinds
  • Las Toronjas – The Grapefruits
  • Los Almendros – The Almonds
  • Las Piñas – The Pineapples
  • El Ingenio – The Sugar Mill
  • Las Palmas – The Palm Trees
  • El Valle – The Valley
  • Río Arriba – Upstream
  • Jardín Minitas – Minitas Garden
  • Vistamar – Ocean View
  • Bahía Chavón – Chavón Bay
  • Río Mar – Sea River
  • Altos de La Marina – La Marina Heights
  • El Batey – Communities where the Sugar Mills are located (local Dominican name for it)
  • Las Lomas – The Hills (local Dominican name for them)
  • Las Colinas – The Hills
  • Villas Colina – Hill Villas
  • La Catalina – this is an actual name, the name of Catalina island which is visible from this neighborhood
  • Caleton – this is also an actual name, the name of the beach in this new neighborhood

So there you have it! A comprehensive list, translating all of Casa de Campo’s lovely neighborhoods for the non-Spanish speaking members of our Casa de Campo community. Hope this helped!

And here is the Casa de Campo map: 

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