Adriana Feaugas, Malele Strofer

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Well, well, well. What fun we all had at the Cafe de la Leche, LUAU edition hosted by Ana Maria (Malele) Strofer!? There is no doubt that us Casa de Campo ladies love the opportunity to dress up, and what better theme than a LUAU for these hot summer days!? An artist and an event planner, our gorgeous hostess, Malele Strofer, wowed us all with her attention to detail; a basket over-flowed with leis so that every guest could spice up their outfit in suitable tropical Hawaiian-style, and the entire villa bloomed with flowery and butterfly decorations – creating the perfect scenario for posing for photos… something else we Casa de Campo ladies love to do!  Dressed in a grass skirt with leis blooming around her head, neck and waist, Malele was the epitome of a hula girl. Although we have to say that the prize for the BEST hula girl has to go to Xioma Matos, president of the Hogar del Niño, who looked gorgeous having created a lei and headdress out of flamboyant flowers from her garden – and completed the look with the cutest tasselled shoes! Of course we must also mention Xioma’s sister, Erika Vilain, who simply loves to dress up (and it shows), as well as Ana Pereya, productions and entertainment manager at the Altos de Chavón amphitheater, who was literally glowing in a fluorescent yellow dress.

Xiomara Menendez, Erika Vilain, Malele Strofer and Xiomara Matos

Meanwhile the undisputed star of the Café de la Luau was the food. Yes the food. If you had been on a diet before arriving, you had forgotten all about it after the 3rd glass of Cava and your second helping from the finger buffet. Alongside the cheese platter, with the most delicious garlic and nut cream cheese… was everyone’s downfall – the tequeños! Tequeños are little bites of heaven, pastry filled with cheese essentially, and these ones were made by Pickadeli Gourmet, the new business of Andrea Negra Feaugas with her mother Adriana Feaugas. And with some guests (I have been sworn to secrecy which) eating as many as 13 tequeños (yes really!), there can be no doubt that the success of Pickadeli is guaranteed! And the moral of this story? Here in Casa de Campo, a good time is guaranteed when you combine good food, with lots of cava and flowery headdresses. Until next time ladies! The following collection of flowery photos were taken during the Hawaian themed Café de la Leche (Luau edition) hosted by Malele Strofer:   These photos were taken by fellow photographer Bryan de la Cruz:  [nggallery id=1983]