Café de la Leche Enero 2016

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Every month, we have two very special commitments with our friends at Hogar del Niño: A Night For The Kids and Café de la Leche. This time around we are sharing what happened in the first rendez-vous of the new year. Taking place in Alfonso and Annie Paniagua’s magnificent Casa de Campo villa, Riomar No. 15, the scenery was most-spectacular, lending views of the Chavón river, La Marina and the cerulean Caribbean sea.

Guests nibbled on healthy fresh broccoli, cauliflower, and bell peppers, while also enjoying prosciutto, pastries, and decadent “deditos de novia” with coffee and tea.

Café de la Leche Enero 2016 snacks

As always it was a huge success thanks to all the wonderful ladies of our community. Café de la Leche is an amazing way to contribute milk, formula, cereals or donations that will benefit the “Crib Room” of Hogar del Niño. You’re making over 200 babies happier and healthier daily!

If you didn’t get the chance to attend this month, there is always the soon to be announced February edition. Don’t miss the opportunity to go to next month’s gathering!

We hope you enjoy the following photos taken by Bryan de la Cruz from the 1st Café de la Leche of 2016, January 8th:

Bryan David De La Cruz

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