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Café de la Leche and “Yo Kontra las Drogas” come together for two great causes!

Featured Img — Café de la Leche March 2016 Coverage

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Last Friday March 11th, one of our favorite monthly gatherings, Cafe de la Leche took place. Every month, our friends at Patronato Benefico Oriental (PBO) organize this event to collect milk for the children of Hogar del Niño.

The Café de la Leche is a great way to unite with friends for a great cause and collect milk for the nursery room at the Hogar del Niño. This tradition began back in 2001 by a group of ladies from the PBO. The nursery prepares more than 800 bottles of milk per day for more than 200 babies! This time around we are sharing what happened in the 3rd meeting of the new year, after a successful and very fashionable event in Santo Domingo last month.

Body Img — Café de la Leche March 2016 Coverage

This time around it took place in the beautiful and spacious terrace of Vivero #37 with mother and daughter duo Cecilia and Juana Rodríguez. Guests nibbled on healthy fresh fruits, broccoli, cauliflower, and bell peppers, while also enjoying mini croissants, ham and cheese rolls, caprese salads and cake!

There were also photographs on sale taken ​​by Diego Meyreles to benefit the program “Yo Kontra las Drogas” (Me against Drugs). Having been an addict himself and going through a rehabilitation process, he uses his experience as a testimony which he then relates to different schools, in hopes to prevent someone else repeating his story.

Xioma and Guest — Café de la Leche March 2016 Coverage

Café de la Leche this month was a huge success, thanks to all the wonderful ladies of our community not only did they contribute to helping the children of Hogar del Niño but also to the excellent program “Yo Kontra las Drogas”! To learn more about the program, visit their facebook page Yo Kontra las Drogas or their instagram @yokontralasdrogas

If you didn’t get the chance to attend this month’s Café de la Leche, there’s always next month’s edition! Don’t miss out!

We hope you enjoy the following photos taken by Mariana Heredia during the Café de la Leche on March 11th: 

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