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Café de la Leche is back! Celebrate its 20th anniversary at Voalá Café Marché!

Café de la Leche

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Things are slowly going back to “normal” in Casa’s social scene, and today, we are very excited to announce that next month, we will be able to get together safely in one of our favorite gatherings… Café de la Leche is back with an exceptional edition, and this time, it will take place at Altos de Chavón’s new and hip Voalá! Café Marché hosted by Gabriella Reginato. 

The event marks 20 years since the beginning of the monthly gatherings that began in 2001! Café de la Leche events help raise supplies for the Hogar del Niño’s Crib Room; over 80% of their milk supply comes from these gatherings! It’s an excellent cause to join and support, and most of them are fun-themed parties perfect for shaking things up in Casa de Campo!

To spice things up a bit everybody is invited to don their most creative face mask during this edition and prizes will be given to the most imaginative designs. Spots are limited this time around and need to be reserved with a contribution via the PBO’s website (link here). 

We really encourage you to join us and if you are a “regular” then please remember why you attend and don’t miss this next one! We’re looking forward to seeing you all for a fun afternoon and as always, men are welcome too!

*Pictures from previous Café de la Leche 

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