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Cafe de la Leche – Friday 1st of May

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cafemay2009This month’s Cafe de la Leche is being hosted by Ivonna Sosa de Caceres at her Casa de Campo home, Las Canas #8 from 5pm. The Cafe de la Leche is a monthly event which brings together Casa de Campo’s ladies, who are invited to enjoy a pleasant evening of polite conversation over a drink and a few nibbles. In exchange for attending the event, ladies bring a donation of dried milk, baby formula or cereal which are donated to the Hogar del Niño’s Crib Room (‘La Sala Cuna.’)

A word from this month’s host, Ivonna:

“I am helping El Hogar because the ‘Sala de Cuna’ is really impressive! You should go up there and see it – lots of clean white cribs side by side, full of babies, with all the ’empleadas’ (employees) dressed all in white – taking great care of each and every baby – feeding them, putting them to sleep and even singing to them! Please go and see it for yourself!”

It is clear that Ivonna is very passionate about the work the Hogar del Niño does to help this little babies!

If you would like to visit the Hogar del Niño, they are running a tour next Friday leaving at 10am, to sign up please email [email protected]

We at will be attending this month’s Cafe de la Leche, and will be publishing our own coverage of the event, we look forward to seeing you there!



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