cafe de la leche feb 20101

This past Friday the 5th of February the monthly Cafe de La Leche event took place in the Casa de Campo home of Patricia Proaño, who co-hosted the event with good friend Gricelle Lahoz. Hosting a Cafe de La Leche is a wonderful thing to do for the Hogar del Niño charity, which not only raises awareness for this fantastic cause but also gathers dried milk and cereales which is then used to feed the 200+ babies cared for every day in the Hogar del Niño’s crib room. As fun and rewarding as hosting a Cafe de La Leche may seem I am sure that it is not without it’s stresses and so I would like to congratulate both Patricia and Gricelle for hosting a truly unforgettable Cafe de La Leche – all your hard work certainly paid off and was very appreciated by the many Casa de Campo ladies who turned out to enjoy it and will surely by even more appreciated by the babies who will now be fed with all the milk donated. I was so eager for this month’s Cafe de La Leche that I was one of the first to arrive, which gave me plenty of time to talk and photograph everyone as well as enjoy one too many glasses of champagne! There was a lovely crowd of people at this month’s Cafe de La Leche with some new faces mingling amongst Cafe de La Leche regulars, everyone exchanging pieces of gossip and news of friends and family as well as eagerly meeting new people. At every Cafe de La Leche there always seems to be a ‘speciality’ drink, at Xiomara’s Christmas Cafe de La Leche there was Eggnog, at Ivonna’s Cafe de La Leche there was a pineapple, mint and basil cocktail, which was to die for and at this Cafe de La Leche there was a deliciously morish champagne cocktail, topped off with chopped fruit. The cocktail was a Patricia and Gricelle special recipe, which unfortunately they did not reveal to me – such a shame given I’m such a BIG fan of champagne! The food at this month’s Cafe de La Leche was delicious and the perfect mix of healthy delicacies (which I never touch) and sinful treats (which I always indulge in). For those healthy-ones among us there was broccoli, carrots, celery and peppers with dip and for those easily tempted by what I like to call ‘one-off’ treats there was cheese pastellitos, beef-and chicken-topped crackers, tomato and mozzarella sticks, quiche and a few sugary nibbles such as brownies and cookies.  As I’m doing a horrible job at portraying just how wonderful all the food was, here are a few photos, which will no doubt give you a better idea! Patricia and Gricelle told me they wanted to make their Cafe de La Leche memorable, and that they wanted everyone to leave happy – for me ladies you achieved and delivered! Although I was dragged away early 🙁 and desperately did not want to leave, I definitely left happy! [nggallery id=261] Here are messages from both Patricia and Gricelle – thanking everyone for attending and making this Cafe de La Leche such a success!
Patricia Proaño: We want to thank everyone who attended and made the event so special. We did our best to have a wonderful Cafe de la Leche and I think everyone had a good time. Most important, we collected a lot of milk and cereal for the kids at Hogar del Niño. Anything you do, when done with love, has a great turn out!! Thanks!! 🙂 Gricelle Lahoz: Thanks to all, for supporting us by coming to our Cafe de La Leche. We believe this is a great cause. It was very gratifying to see that everyone had a great time, that was the idea. When you put your heart in something it always works out beutiful. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!! Besotes