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La Romana’s first mall, Multiplaza just keeps getting better. Already we can spend all day there with their over 80 stores that include everything from a grocery store to an IKEA and a cinema! It’s very safe with lots of parking options, and nowadays, they even have a new activity for kids. The Kids’ Care Club will offer Lego Workshops to children ages 5-11, starting this Saturday, April 16th.

Playing with legos is a great way for your children to expand their imagination and work critically to create the ideas in their minds. Play time is not only fun but also functional. Check out the list we compiled below of the positive lessons your children will receive by participating.

Multiplaza La Romana

Why Lego Workshops are Great for Your Kids:

  • Promote literacy when kids are reading instructions
  • Teach children to think in 3 dimensional form
  • Improve creativity in design
  • Enhances communication and social skills with peers as they work together
  • Develop organization and problem solving skills through construction
  • Foster spatial reasoning (volume, geometric shapes, and sizes)
  • Develop awareness of proportions, balance, symmetry, and patterns
  • Practice with trial and error, and frustration management
  • Storytelling surrounding the object of their creation
  • Legos are easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Provide hand/eye coordination
  • Develop healthy behavioral skills like competition, if working with teams and against opponents
  • Concentration skills
  • Sharing toys!

Lego workshops are such a great learning experience for children and provide a healthy and safe environment for them to focus and play. The Kids’ Care Club provides all the materials needed for the afternoon, as well as instruction manuals, an ice cream treat, and entry into their amusement park, Fun Galaxy.


Kids will definitely want to return. Plus, once you drop the kids off you can finally find the time to run your usual errands at Multiplaza: pay the bills, hunt for clothing wear and footwear, go to the gym or salon, pick up repair items at the hardware store, and grab a bite at one of their many food options. With so much available, do you even need to go anywhere else?

Taller Pequenos Constructores Multiplaza La Romana 2

The lego workshops are 1 hour long sessions and have space for up to 45 kids. See the times and details below to sign up!

Lego Workshop at Multiplaza La Romana

Building with Legos

When: Saturday, April 16th

Time: 2-3pm; 3-4pm; 4-5pm; 5-6pm

Where: Multiplaza (near the playground)

Cost: $250

Sign up by visiting Multiplaza; email: mercadeomp21@gruporamos.com; or telephone: 829-521-6513

Reserve your spot and pay when you arrive!

Kids' Care Club

Kid’s Care Club

Kids’ Care Club was founded in 2014 by very concerned mother, father and professionals to find a space with a genuine interest in developing the potential of children, protect them while providing high service quality, flexible and accessible to the demanding lifestyle that all parents committed to their family and work roles, lead today.

Thanks to our qualified staff, a safe and healthy environment we are able to provide all the care necessary to all the children and this will allow them to be creative, develop skills, socialize and have fun. In addition to stimulate their learning capabilities through implementing projects, reading and play.


  • Day and night Care
  • Making Projects
  • Bilingual tutorials
  • Nutrition
  • Hygiene and welfare
  • Workshops
  • Transportation
  • Homework tutorial
  • Birthday Celebrations

* Flexible Hours, anytime you need, upon request.