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Bugsy Pest Control: environmentally friendly and now in La Romana!

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bugsyLiving in the Dominican Republic has many positive aspects – the weather, the friendly people, the beautiful countryside and beaches, the food, the music, the laid-back lifestyle …..but of course living in a Caribbean climate means there are bugs, which on occasion need to be exterminated! The only problem with extermination is the poisonous chemicals used to do it – bad for the bugs, but also for the environment! Bugsy Pest Control provides an environmentally friendly solution to this beastly problem!

Here Bugsy tell us a little more about themselves:

Bugsy S.A is a Dominican company created under the laws of the Dominican Republic and registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Health of the country.

With more than 15 years of experience in the extermination and control of urban pests in commercial buildings as well as residences. We are known to be environmentally friendly and characterized by the use of pyretroid insecticides that work by contact on the insects nervous system bio-degrading with no harm to the environment.

Our philosophy is based on providing sanitary recommendations through inspections to exclude and then control the pests. We define our services as integrated.

Our mission is to create awareness on the dangers of pests as well as the treatments to protect us from their threat.

Bugsy S.A guarantees a professional, safe and up-to date control of urban and domestic pests.

Contact us to set a convenient time to inspect your home or business.

In La Romana
Ariel Perez
[email protected]

In Santo Domningo
Manuel Garcia
[email protected]

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