Azimut 72 Casa de Campo

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Invited guests of Mauro Caslini and Alice Caslini de Moriconi of IB Nautica gathered at the Yacht Club in La Marina, Casa de Campo this past Saturday night, the 4th of June, for an entertaining evening outdoors and to view the latest design by Azimut Yachts that impresses all with its spacious interior and modern design.

Cocktails in the Yacht Club allowed guests to cool off from the overly warm weather present that day in Casa de Campo before boarding the Azimut 72. Featuring multiple entertaining spaces, the yacht especially stood out for its posh interior design, four bedrooms below deck, and extended foredeck perfect for sunbathing or enjoying the vast view of the ocean under the tent while cruising.

Azimut 72 Casa de Campo

Out on the dock, several tables were set up for dinner with food catered by Chef Rafael Herrera. A party of around 40 guests were serenaded with music by Carlos Marcelo as they began with a selection of parmesan cheese, prosciutto crudo, and crostini ordeurves with Champagne, followed by a starter of fresh caprese salad. Creamy risotto with saffron was the first course and a juicy filet mignon with red wine reduction made the main entrée. Wine from Poggio Mori in Tuscany was imported for the special occasion and a sommelier provided the properties, characteristics, and origin of the wine for the guests in attendance. Classic tiramisù for dessert finished off the perfectly Italian dining experience, and guests stayed late into the evening enjoying the ambiance of the calm Marina waters.

Azimut 72 Casa de Campo

The following Sunday morning, Azimut opened the 72 to the Casa de Campo community for a delicious brunch aboard. We had so much fun sipping mimosas and enjoying pain au chocolat, fruits, mini salmon sandwiches and more while chatting amongst friends. For the first year, the Louis Vuitton store with Santo Domingo manager, Claudia Laso made a presentation on the “Art of Packing.” As much as we’d like take our entire closets with us during travel we can’t, so Louis Vuitton showed us the proper packing methods for getting the most out of our space and keeping clothes orderly, clean, and wrinkle-free.

Azimut 72 Casa de Campo

The number 1 tip onlookers learned was to roll your clothing. Fold in half first blouses and slacks, and then roll them in a cylinder shape. This not only keeps them from creating harsh creases, it also allows you the flexibility of more space and adding in extra options! Ladies shoes should line the edge of the suitcase to have a firm barrier and protect them from becoming flattened, and accessories like ties and belts should always be rolled as well and placed along the edge of the suitcase. Interestingly for men’s pants, instead of draping both pant legs in one direction over a hanger and inadvertently creating an outside crease-line, lap pant legs over the hanger from the center. Wherein the left leg would fold over the hanger to the right, and the right leg would fold over to the left. In addition to the informative presentation, we also admired Louis Vuitton’s practical and elegant travel bags and spoke of our upcoming holidays.

Summer is here, and we are more than ready to go! To view the Azimut 72 yourself, view the contact details below to set up an appointment.

Azimut 72 Casa de Campo

The following photos were taken by Alejandro Heredia on Saturday, June 4th at the Azimut 72 dinner party in La Marina:

and on Sunday, June 5th for brunch aboard with Louis Vuitton:

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Featured Image Azimut 72 The Azimut’s new design boast many formidable characteristics. Read about them here

IB Nautiva GroupIt is the most complete group in the Caribbean and Central America that offers nautical assistance for more than 10 years, being provided with the skills of its founder Mauro Caslini, of Italian nationality, who has great experience in the nautical world.

After several years of working on the market of yachts of the Caribbean and after having analyzed it deeply he made of his group a complete bundle that included post sale services and sale of parts. For such reason, founded IBC Shipyard, the only naval shipyard for luxurious yachts in Dominican Republic and the Caribbean which to the moment is provided with the approval and certification of American and European naval shipyards like: Azimut, Benetti, Atlantis, Bluegame, Ferretti, Bertram, Hatteras, and the technical support of the manufacturing of marine engines like Caterpillar, MAN, Volvo, Yamaha, Lopolights, OceanLed, Seahawk, Seakeeper and others.

IB Nautica Group thanks to its experience, training, and the big investment that has done throughout  years has maintain the title of the best offer and the number one in the market of the yachting in the Caribbean. The group is a family enterprise, since not only Mauro Caslini is the head of the company, but he develops, grows and innovates, thanks to the fact that his children and brother support him and continue his steps, what makes of the group, a solid company with values. Fact that demonstrates once again the big vision to the future.

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