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The British Chamber of Commerce will be celebrating the twenty-third edition of the Royal Cup on June 11th at the Teeth of the Dog in Casa de Campo. The classic, which has a sizeable rotating cup on which all the winner’s names will be engraved, will be held at the Teeth of the Dog in Casa de Campo, one of the event’s sponsors.

The details of this activity were offered by the Ambassador of the United Kingdom in the country, H.M. Mockbul Ali OBE, and the president of BRITCHAM, Leonel Melo, who explained that the competition will start at 8:30 in the morning and played in a scramble format in pairs in categories A, B, and C. In each category, the winners will be awarded. three lowest net scores, as well as the best gross score of the tournament.

Additionally, special prizes will be awarded, such as the Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin. This time around there will be a prize for Hole in one on Teeth of the Dog 7th hole courtesy of British Motors.

The president of the BRITCHAM explained that after the competition there will be an award ceremony, raffles, and courtesy gifts from the sponsoring companies and the BRITCHAM. In addition, a replica of the famous British Open Golf Cup, the Claret Jug, will be awarded the best gross score of the tournament, as is tradition.

The XXIII version of the British Golf Cup will take place thanks to the sponsorship and support of the tournament from the companies Scotiabank, Inicia, Primma Valores, Autobritánica, Banreservas, J. Armando Bermúdez, PANAM, Altice Dominicana, BM Cargo, Grupo Rica, Seguros Reservas, Banco Popular Dominicano, Casa Brugal, Lift Air Group, as well as the collaboration of Bepensa Dominicana, Cigarros La Aurora, Electrolit, United Brands, ButcherShop, CEPM, Alvarez & Sánchez, among others.

The announcement of the British golf cup – XXIII Royal Cup – was made at the residence of the Honorable Ambassador of the United Kingdom H.M. Mockbul Ali OBE.

XXIII Royal Cup BritCham

When:June 11th, 8:30am Shotgun

Where:Teeth of the Dog