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Through baggy silhouettes, innovative textures, and a mix of various shades of blue, the Y2K all-denim trend reappears hand in hand with a contemporary notion: upcycling. These pieces were made by the students of the Fashion Design Career at Chavón The School of Design with recycled garments in denim inspired by different concepts.

Armadillo by Anyelina Medina, Maria Vasquez and Liz Espinal

Armadillo consists of two pieces: a tight mid-thigh dress made with different layers of recycled denim in a gradient color palette. The second piece is a skirt with a waistband and two denim pieces with a mesh cretonne base and rods to maintain its volume.

Baroque Street by Milangel Santana, Lianette Marmolejos and Eri Mercedes

These garments take their cues from baroque architecture, romanticist paintings, and maximalist fashion — mixing all simultaneously with streetwear culture and street art.

Survivor by Yris Amparo, Abielis, Wilamo, Alana Guerrero and Maria Ozorio

In a world where only the remnants remain of what the world once was. The survivors are ready to cope with all situations, transforming what at first glance would seem useless into functional pieces with original flourishes and leading to a cyberpunk style.

Superposición by Fatima Sergiampietri, Eimy Cepda, Alexandra Castillo and Isabella Noboa

Superposición comes from the Latin word “super” meaning in the highest degree or excess and from the noun “position.” This word refers to the action and result of superimposing — adding or placing something, an object or an element above another, whether of the same or different genre.


Photography: Eduardo Javier

Direction: Joselo Franjul

Models: Aura Almonte, Ashley García and Lucia Frías from Ossygeno Models Management.

Makeup: Andrews Saldana and Eddy Santana

Hair: Pin Hair Up

Styling: Students from Marketing and Fashion Communication Chavón La Escuela de Diseño.

Accessories: Daniel Espinosa and Affazes Accesorios 

Shoes: Ego Store.

Originally published in our sister publication Casa de Campo Living Magazine Winter Edition 2022