Group Blue Marlin Classic 2016

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The Casa de Campo billfish tournament was a huge success. Every year, the Blue Marlin Classic brings anglers from all over the world together, and this year was no exception! Blue Marlin are found in the world’s oceans in tropical temperatures and are notably the largest of the billfish species. 20 boats from 5 countries participated in this three day tournament, and a total of 85 Marlin were caught and released. On the last day of the competition, results topped with 33 Blue Marlin releases. All boats released during the competition. Winner Blue Marlin Classic 2016 The Florida-based Auspicious was in the lead since day 2 and claimed the victory with 9 releases captained by Danny Lombardo with 1st Mate James Wyse, alongside Brendan Burke, Joseph Rahman and Matthew Bierley. Reel Passion also got 9 but edged on time. See Joseph Rahman’s video of the Auspicious at the International Blue Marlin Classic on his youtube page. Group Blue Marlin Classic 2016 The awards ceremony took place on April 3rd with a great celebration. Congratulations to all those who participated out on the seas. What a successful tournament! Photos provided by Marina Casa De Campo Fishing club.
CASA DE CAMPO BLUE MARLIN CLASSIC – WINNERS 1st place: Auspicious 9 releases 2nd place: Reel Passion 9 releases  (edged on time) 3rd place: Watermen, 7