Bingo Fundacion Lirio del Valle Villa Caoba

Who doesn’t love a good game of BINGO! The Fundacion Lirio del Valle has organized a game of Bingo the 4th day of the 4th month at 4pm!

The event will take place in Punta Minitas 42, Casa de Campo, hosted by Maria Ventura. It will be an afternoon full of fun, games, delicious snacks, refreshing drinks and even a raffle of products by Halka, loyal supporter of this cause!

So gather your friends and let’s go and support the Fundacion Lirio del Valle so they can continue to provide schooling and food to the children of Villa Caoba.

Did you know…?

The bingo game was originally called “beano” because bingo players used beans to mark the raffled numbers on their cards but was later changed to “bingo” when an excited woman accidentally yelled the word after winning the jackpot.

Bingo hosted by Maria Ventura

When: Monday April 4th

Time: 4 pm – 7 pm

Where: Punta Minitas 42

Contribution: RD$1,000.00

Learn more about Fundacion Lirio del Valle

The Fundacion Lirios del Valle aims to educate the children of Villa Caoba, provide them with clothing, food, school supplies and toys. The foundation currently has 120 girls and boys enrolled in its program. A number of these children have been sponsored by kind donors, who pay between USD$29 and USD$43 a month to provide meals, after-school assistance and recreational activities as well as school equipment, instruction and uniform.


Anna Maria Plà Pujal, Founder (809) 742-7247

Dolly Esteban: (809) 330-7644

Evangelina Uckert: (809) 523-8015



Facebook: Amigos de villa Caoba